Coupled AND Knocked Up

- By Bossip Staff

Posted by Bossip Staff

Expecting parents Kimora Lee Simmons and Djimon Hounsou attended the Style Your Spring by JC Penny’s event last night. Kimora is definitely looking much better since last we saw her. dig more pics of the much needed improvement when you

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  • Sickofitt!

    Kimora is glowing, she looks a lot better than that pudgy pic shown before

  • Vinandi

    yeah she looks good! they look happy together!

  • Slim

    Looooooooooove her shoes! I hope she has a boy.

  • OJ

    Some poor bear’s eyebrow is missing…little does he know its on some Asian lady’s foot.

    But she’s glowing! They look nice here…


    Not a total Betty but a vast improvement. I wonder what she’ll have.

  • Lady Architect

    I really like her outfit and shoes. She looks nice.

  • nina prb

    they should have a very pretty baby!

  • PURPPLE, just call me TADOW

    I guess this unmarried “whore” doesn’t get the breaks huh…yall a trip

  • Razzell Dazzell

    Awwww, she looks precious. I love those shoes! Do your thing Dezmorah!

  • kahmmmillion

    Those shoes are sick to death!!!

  • thickems

    Congrates ! ! !

    Love the shoes ! ! !

  • http://NA ANONYMOUS

    Kimora looks nice; she’s my girl and all but I don’t like the fact that some celebrity women DENY being pregnant; SO WHAT???!!! You can’t deny it for long before it starts to show/tell on you anyway; if you pregnant by your man, you pregnant by your man!!

  • Acacia

    Dang Bossip…I haven’t ran into a pregnant chick that is fly every single day of pregnancy. That look wasn’t as bad as I’ve seen women who weren’t pregnant at all.

  • Bermy's Angel

    Kimora looks beautiful love the dress and i am on the fence about the shoes…..say what yall want but they look like slippers expensive slippers (its the fur).

  • ysr

    im happy her neck is not on swole like last time

  • http://~ Kigali(Joyfully Licking The Ass of Random Cracka's Since 1972)

    she wears the dumbest things sometimes… Usually, Asians dress well as does Black folks, where the hell does she fall in, with those ugly ass shoes? Cheeseball, Kimora, Cheeseball

  • http://~ Kigali(Joyfully Licking The Ass of Random Cracka's Since 1972)

    shoes looks like some tacky ass Frederick’s of Hollywierd bedroom shoes…

  • Black Beauty

    She looks happy and healthy. I wish them all the

  • and what...?

    awww…they are too cute

  • and what...?

    I wish them and the baby well.

  • Born

    Praying for a happy healthy child,bet that child is going to be goreous.


    luving the shoes,……

  • Chillin@Work

    Haters!! Those shoes are worth more than what you make a year….

  • Courtney

    Those shoes… no ma’am. It looks like two little ferrets are covering her toes.

  • Betty

    The picture where they are starring in each other’s eyes is nice. Not everyone can look in other’s eyes and its real like them two make it.

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