Faithful Or Foolish? Women Who Stayed With Abusive Men

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Women Who Stayed In Abusive Relationships

Physical violence in a relationship is horrible. There is no place for it. But some men and women make excuses for physical abuse and stay together when things turn for the worst.

These couples tried to make it work despite the violence in their relationships.

…which is never a good option.

Halle Berry – She was with Wesley Snipes who allegedly hit her so hard she lost hearing in her ear…and she tried to make it work afterwards but it obviously fell apart.

Rihanna – The big incident was one thing, but Breezy had allegedly been abusive before. Not only that, she came back to him afterwards.

Pamela Anderson – She was married to Tommy Lee until he was charged with domestic violence a few times…then she took him back.

Michelle Gent – She broke it off with Terrence Howard only after enduring some pretty terrible stuff…allegedly.

Robin Givens – She even went on an interview with Barbara Walters and talked about all the times Mike Tyson supposedly hit her. Then she stayed with him for a while.

Whitney Houston – Her and Bobby stayed together through a pretty rough relationship of alleged physical abuse before splitting.

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    Madonna – She married Sean Penn who got abusive immediately afterwards until a felony assault a few years later.

    Mariah Carey – She opened up in 2009 about her abusive marriage in the 90s that she stuck around too long for.

    Tina Turner – And of course there’s Tina. Don’t forget.

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