Multiple Choice: Beyonce’s Diva Status

- By Bossip Staff

Posted by Bossip Staff

Beyonce took to the red carpet at the Unforgettable Evening Benefiting the Industry out in LA rockin’ this tasty little black number with accessories to match.  Did Bey look like:

(a) a young diva in the making

(b) a certified diva

(c) a diva of relevance past

(d) none of the above, “she ain’t even that fly”

Quit the games, pop the hood to check out more pics of your girl.

Images via WireImage

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    Bee looked flawless as usual… Thank goodness Camel wasn’t in these pics recking her swag!

  • jandsmama

    This looks like something her Mama should be wearing.

  • Whatchaknoboutdat?

    She is definitly a diva… she’s a hustla!

    Get it Bey!!!!

  • KSH

    She looks too old in that outfit. Maybe that chandelier around her neck is too much.

    She truly is a diva in the making but that outfit makes her look like an old out of style diva.

  • Sickofitt!

    She looks nice.

  • Re is excited to see Gambit in May. Finally!

    For this particular outfit, I’ll say

    (d) none of the above, “she ain’t even that fly”

    But I like that she’s trying a simpler look with her hair these days.

  • Nique

    She looks good.

  • Re is excited to see Gambit in May. Finally!

    But she generally looks nice…


    I’m not feeling it. Shoulder pads and a shawl…. come on Bey.

  • ATLGirl

    She is really trying to make people like her again…it’s not gone happen. Sorry Girl!

  • Larosa

    none of the above, “she ain’t even that fly”

  • RiveGauche2006

    it’s too much, the shoulder pads and that necklace, she overdoes it sometimes and this would be one of them. I say option “D”

    LOL @ ATLGirl.

  • LEA

    I pick d.. she’s not that fly.. and the necklace is terrible..

  • pm

    thick ass red bone that people love to hate.

  • High Life (Perfect Imperfections)

    I pick D 🙂

  • Money Magnet

    I pick D! Next!

  • Suga Mama

    Beyonce……Hell yea……*CETRIFIED*

  • jazi

    none of the above, “she ain’t even that fly”

  • Lady Architect

    This outfit makes her look old. B WTH is going on? mid life crisis already? You’re too young for this fashion and funeral wear. I want the maeup back. She doesn’t look nice without it.

  • Miriam


  • She 4 real

    (d) none of the above, “she ain’t even that fly”

    I saw her doing the evil laugh when Jennifer was crying and when she found out RiRi got the beat down. She is having the best week ever!

  • nina prb

    I say A…I see clevage so she gets points…lol

  • Colonel StinkMeaner

    B….always keeping it fly…………..

  • kahmmmillion

    D – Gotdamn it…The bitch sucks!

  • Colonel's Stalker

    Colonel Booboo, is that you!?

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