Jay-Z: “Chris is a Walking Dead Man”

- By Bossip Staff

Posted by Bossip Staff

Breezy better watch his back. The Hov is preparing for war:

CHRIS BROWN is set to incur the wrath of hip-hop king JAY-Z over his alleged assault on R&B star RIHANNA. Brown was arrested on Sunday (08Feb09) for felony battery after an incident with an as yet unidentified woman, reported to be Rihanna, in a vehicle in Los Angeles.
And Jay-Z, who discovered and mentored Rihanna, was reportedly enraged upon hearing the allegations, warning of retributions for Brown. A source tells Us Weekly magazine, “He hit the roof. Chris is a walking dead man. He messed with the wrong crew.”

Chris done really messed up now. Not only has he lost a number of lucrative endorsement deals, and radio play of many stations across the nation – now he’s going to have to go head to head with the Camel. This young cat is officially F*CKED.


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  • http://www.ebonyswag.com HI HATAS

    Aint nobody thinking about that punk ass GAY-Z what he gonna do write a rhyme with his old ass!

  • http://bossip Hot Saucy

    LMAO!! AInt nobody scared of JAy Z!!! Oh Yea, Im 1st! DEEZ NUTZZZZ

  • BonerCity

    Old ass Jay-Z. He aint gonna do shit.



  • jahan

    lmao i didn’t think the jigga man would take this so personal…

  • Mimi

    FIRST. YAYY!!!

  • http://afo.net NANETTE

    Somebody need to pop Chris Brown ass if this is true and he totally went balistic on Rhianna or any women. No Excuse if if she hit him first. no respect.


    This whole incident is very unfortunate for all involved. I’m just waiting to see how it all plays out.

  • http://www.gravatar.com Re is excited to see Gambit in May. Finally!

    Hmmm…I guess the most Jay can do is pay radio stations to NOT play any music from Chris Brown…

  • Young Hov

    so scarred

  • Gay-Z

    Swagger jackin Jay Z…..sit your old ass down. nobody wanna hear your ugly ass speak. soft ass nigga. Stick to jackin kanyes style, put your big ass glasses on and stfu

  • Sickofitt!

    Whatever, I doubt Jay Z said that, but if he did. Who cares?!?!?!?! Chris needs help, he needs to learn a better way of handling his anger. But, I refuse to pass judgement when the facts are not all out. Last I read the D.A wanted more evidence before pressing charges. Which could mean those bruises were not as severe as stated. LAPD don’t play you can have a paper cut and they will have you incarcerated and the book thrown at ya.

  • The Jock

    If the bitch gave hime herpes, why is everyone ridin on him, what about her?!?! I would have beat her ass too….

  • ATLGirl

    Camel better fall back…he need to mind his own bizness!

  • https://bossip.com/60189/white-people-kanye-will-never-be-elvis/#comments PhillyinDubai

    Punk @ss Jay Z is all talk!

  • bored

    Y’all know good and darn well Jay-Z did not say that!

    What everyone is doing is preparing to save Rihanna’s rep after the truth comes out. That’s why no one is saying much except for these sites and the media is doing a job on Chris. I believe what’s good for the goose is good for the gander cause it took two to tangle..

    We are living in a world where woman are just as crazy as men so everyone get off the poor Rihanna band wagon…

  • http://bossip.com Slim

    I wondered if Jay was doing to have something to say. I DOUBT seriously that he would so something physical to him unless…………he pulls a Diddy and get someone to do it for him.

  • Sir Nigel Buttercrumpett

    Damn boy. Hov done got in it? People aint even waiting around for Chris’ side of the story. Women are emotional abusers, men respond physically. A woman knows all the buttons to push on a man to hurt him but those blows dont leave a mark. Emotional abuse is way worse. I aint saying Chris actions are justified but I think Rihanna did/said something for this dude to go the f**k off.

  • Tiffany

    Judging by the fact that Rihanna is well liked by people who run this industry…he is screwed. And they were at a Pre-Grammy party so I doubt he found out he had herpes there…that story has not been confirmed. And even if she did, he should have thought about his whole life. He is a young black male with a fan base of young girls!!!!

  • Larosa

    I told yah that Jay wanted some Rihanna I mean he any gettting it from Bey why not Rihanna. Jokes but on the ral tho Kanye is going after Riri and I think they will make a great couple

  • jb_1030

    A Sickofitt

    I totally agree with you. The “REAL” facts aren’t even out yet. I am not saying I condone it, but let the facts get out first. I am LA, growing up during the height the gang violence. LAPD or even worse LA county Sherriff will have your a$$ if they want it, trust and believe.

    But why is everyone so up set with C-Brezzy? Everyone was still listening to R. Kelly, Tupac, watching Mike Tyson fight. So what everyone is saying a rapist is better than a woman beater, a child molester is better than a woman beater?

  • edible718

    2nd that Bored

  • https://bossip.com/81550/more-drama-from-the-50-centofficer-chubby-ross-beef-stunt/#more-81550 me001

    Chris Brown career will be just fine, if R Kelly can molest young girls and get away with it, surely Chris Brown can have a scuffle with Ri Ri, and still have a career, this too shall pass. Bossip you are wearing this story out – and what do you know, now you have B on the front page next I’m waiting on a picture of Kim K, your site is hilarious.

  • MistaO

    Yall need to quit!

    First off, if true (which I strongly doubt) Jay happens to be married to a Black woman. And as those of us who are also married to BW know, it is an extreme no-no to come to any other womans defense unless she is yo momma or sister….

    Most BW just don’t roll like that, especially if the other woman is even kind of fine…

    Next thing, this case really further confirms that in this country Black men are ALWAYS considered guilty UNTIL proven innocent. Not the other way around. Hell even “black” folk got this cat all but in jail befor we know the WHOLE story.

    I’m just saying…

  • Ms.

    Firstly, I do no believe JAY-Z said this at all. He’s made millions off of selling records disrespecting women. Does anybody remember the video of him pushing some woman in he face? The only reason why he hasn’t beat Beyonce YET is because she’s always working and she’s SUBMISSIVE. No, JayZ knows out of this shiz.

    About the herpes thing, that’s total bullshitt rumor. Besides half of Hollywood has Herpes, you don’t see people running around beating the shit out of each other.

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