Elsewhere In The World: Indian Council Orders 7-Year-Old Girl To Marry Son Of Man Who Had Forced Sex With Her

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This is crazy.

Forced Sex Victim Made To Marry Boy Against Her Will

Poor girl. She had her childhood innocence taken away and now this.

According to Mail Online

A six-year-old Indian girl who was locked in a room and forced to have sex is being required to marry the eight-year-old son of her alleged attacker.

The victim, who lives in the village of Keshavpura, in Rajasthan, was attacked by the 40-year-old around two weeks ago, it is claimed.

Instead of going to police, her family complained to council elders who held a meeting to decide what should happen to the alleged man who had forced sex with her.

Astonishingly, they then told the girl’s parents that their daughter must marry her attacker’s eight-year-old son.

Meanwhile, the girl is believed to have been forced to have sex by the same man again on Wednesday, according to NDTV.

The victim’s family has refused to accept the elders’ decision.

The man was arrested and an investigation has been launched into the allegations against the council elder.

A police spokesman said: ‘He locked her in a room and raped her. Instead of registering a police complaint, elders belonging to the girl’s caste called a panchayat (village council) meeting.’

Do you think forced sex among young women is becoming more and more of problem in foreign countries or is it just being reported at a higher rate?


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