The Bald & The Beautiful

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Halle Berry discusses her bald steez with Essence Magazine:

Halle Berry is preparing for a drastic haircut – the actress has agreed to shave her head for a new role. The star will say goodbye to her locks for her forthcoming part in 2010 romantic comedy Nappily Ever After.
She tells U.S. magazine Essence, “I’m shaving it off! I know. Here comes the controversy, but… it’ll grow back – I hope!” And the star admits the decision was inspired by her desire to make her 11-month-old daughter, Nahla, proud of her career. She adds: “I don’t want my daughter to look back at my work and think, ‘Mom sold out.’ I want to leave a legacy that she can be proud of.”

She used to rock the short styles like a champ, and it looks like the bald thang may actually be a good look for her too. In regards to her upcoming film, if it’s anything like the book – this jawn ought to be pretty tight – but your girl hasn’t been starred in a ‘good’ flick in a minute, so we’ll have to wait and see…

Dig Halle on Essence and her recent outing with Taraji P Henson and Gabriel Aubrey below.


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  • @ Da Poet

    1st!!! Yes

  • http://hotmail Tanya

    I made it

  • @ Da Poet

    This baldness is a bold new and seriously brave move for Halle…but, for some reason I think she would be able to pull it off.

  • Sickofitt!

    She will still be beautiful, she has a pretty face. Women with pretty faces can pretty much do anything with their hair.

  • bg

    man i just don’t know

  • elle


  • Halle Berry's Hair Follicles...

    Please don’t do it! Halle we need them for warmth and comfort!

  • Halle Berry

    Sorry hair follicles….I’m now going for the “I AM ROBOT” look……..

  • Halle Berry's Hair Follicles...


    Baby look at all the fun times we’ve had together. We’ve set trends together. Even the academy awards. Baby please. Don’t do this…your cranium is small, but don’t push it…

  • truth, iam a girl

    I like Halle and hope she can make a good comeback. I think she is a great actress and her baby is so cute. I hope she also gets married for the sake of her lil baby girl….Be responsible people!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

  • Halle Berry


    Sorry. You’ve gotta go. The “Green Mile” look is in. Hell, if Kanye is falling in love with Amber Rose, and she looks like the little guy from Rush Hour, then hey I gotta get mine!!

  • Mandah! aka Cranberry Sauce...BOSSIP I HATE YOU! CIROC N PUFFY YALL AINT EXEMPT!!!!

    , if it’s anything like the book – this jawn ought to be pretty tight –


  • Re is excited to see Gambit in May. Finally!

    LOL @ Green mile look! LOL!!! Colonel, you slay me!

  • Sepia830

    It hope she doesn’t think by shaving her head she will be saving her career. If nobody is paying to see her WITH hair, why would they pay to see her WITHOUT it? Just sayin’

  • Colonel StinkMeaner


    Naw thats you, joker!!LOL!! Did you get my other message?

  • Forty Plus

    Once an actress hits forty their career automatically starts to wane because Hollywood is obsessed with 20-somethings. I remember how big Julia Roberts was until she starting inching up to forty. It’s the same thing with music.

  • Re is excited to see Gambit in May. Finally!

    I got your message silly! One day I’m going to assume an alter-ego(s) for a day…

  • Re is excited to see Gambit in May. Finally!

    When I read Green Mile I immediately thought of his big, black, shiny head…bwahahahaha!

  • Tealeaf

    She got the features for it

  • Colonel StinkMeaner


    LOL. Not that message. My age message.28

  • Re is excited to see Gambit in May. Finally!

    Yessir! I responded…we’re all over the place!

    I’m 5 years younger…

  • chaka1

    I would love to be Halle Berry for about an hour.

  • Colonel StinkMeaner


    I see. We can’t stay still. LOL! This is the second time I got this message……quit stalling…..finish your homework…..(ugh…Physics….hated that….)

  • DayShifter

    I love Halle, even though I’ve never been that impressed with her looks. Yeah, she’s pretty but not really that stunning to me. And it’s been a while since she was a “great actress” Sorry “Monster’s Ball” was not that great a movie, and neither was her acting in it. And I could think of other movies she’s done that deserved that Oscar.

  • ladybug

    Halle looks beautiful reguardless..she is beyond a dime piece..go ahead halle and strut yo shit.. your the shit girl..

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