Are You Feelin This Get-Up??

- By Bossip Staff

Posted by Bossip Staff

Ciara was backstage at the R.Kelly Double Up concert last night looking quite toasty. The blue fur and tall boots should have kept her all warm and fuzzy. Monica was also backstage with her swollen belly action in full effect.

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  • Beeyah!

    The coat is the business. Boots are hot too.

    Simple and cute GET UP!



  • brinab

    what is that on the tip of Keyshia Cole’s nose?..Ciara is not a fashionista, i expect this from her, you should as well.

  • MJB's #1 Fan

    Ciara, go home and stay there for the rest of your life.


    All the ladies look cute and Keyshia and Monica look like relatives in that pic

  • JawJa Swag

    hell naw……this dont even look like ciara…it looks like a boy playin dress up

    I think her hair looks much nice black and cut in a bob

  • Divab

    NO! I dont like this get up at all! UGH!

  • drika

    I liked the boots but the coat was a miss. Monica looked so pretty!


    That shyt Ciara has on looks cheap as HELL! Like she got it from the flea market

  • Divab

    Heck no.. That outfit is horrid!

  • backyard

    i am not feeling this look at all she looks like shes related to cookie monster

  • OpinionDistributor

    Why the hell is Ciara looking like OLIVA??? WTH SHE DONE DONE NOW!!??!

  • africana23

    i luv it..the gray boots and that blue look real good!!

  • vachick

    hmm didnt know monica was expecting..umm who’s the baby daddy this time? and that cookie monster looks is not it!

  • Mocha Thick

    Keisha’s hair will fall out. She has over-bleached it. She’ll be rocking wigs like Mary J. next.

    Ciara has had some work done on her face. He chin is different. She doens’t look the same. I’m not feeling her wack ass anymore.

    Monica who? She’s so 1990s and no longer relevant. She needs to get with Mya and Brandy and sit down some damn where. Their careers are over. They just haven’t figured it out yet.

    Ha Ha Ha

  • NYCPryncess

    LOL @ Backyard she does look like she’s related to the cookie monster…

    I dunno that looks like something outta Star Jones wardrobe… SMH must feel good to Pay Less!!!!

  • 4RealTho

    @ JawJa Swag

    I co-sign. I didn’t even know it was Ciara til I read the name. Don’t look like her at all.

    Monica pregnant again???

  • Mary J Blige

    i’ve said it a thousand times. unlike myself, Ciara lacks a sense of style. that coat is hella ooooogggglllyyyyyyy

  • Mary J Blige

    and for the love of God, STOP SWAGGA JACKIN ME KEYSHIA. nasty azz hood roach thinkin she can start recycling my previous looks.that’s exactly i looked back in ’93 when my life really blew up. Her orange hair was tacky but at least it was unique to her.i swear, if this chick starts rockin some black lip liner and a Pootie wig i’ma have to let the ol buckwild Mary loose on her azz.

    all my love Keyshia,

    Mary aka The Original, x

  • Mary J Blige

    and while i’m at it Keyshia aka imitator aka Bootleg Blige aka Mixtape Mary, yo azz needs to stop mentioning my name in EVERY damn interview of yours. i heard u running your mouth to my sworn enemy Mz Fat Azz Jones and i was not pleased. if they bring up the comparisons just say “no comment”. DO NOT, i repeat, DO NOT make me put on my cleats

    thank you

    Mary xx

  • Keisha2doll

    Hell Yeaaah!!


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