UPDATE: Rih’s Friends Say “Not The First Time” + Chris’ Fam Defends Him

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Rihanna’s friends say that they were worried about her back in December:

Brown — who is currently being investigated by Los Angeles county prosecutors after Rihanna allegedly accused him of assaulting her the night before the Grammys — always had a “volatile” relationship with the singer, an insider tells Us. (Us Mag)

A Rihanna confidant adds that bruises were clearly visible on the singer’s neck in early December.

Alarmed, “I asked is everything was OK with her and Chris,” says the pal. “She told me, ‘We broke up again.’ I didn’t pursue the issue further.”

But, Chris’ sister Lytrell Bundy tell Ok Magazine that he is not violent:

While he remains out of public sight, Chris Brown’s family is coming to his defense after his arrest on Sunday for allegedly making criminal threats to his girlfried Rihanna and reportedly hitting her.

“He’s always been a good boy. Never violent,” Chris’ sister Lytrell Bundy tells Extra.

As for how Chris is coping right now with the frenzy of activity surrounding his arrest and subsequent realse on $50K bail, his sister says he’s okay.

“He’s doing good,” she says. “He’s coping… He’s doing as to be expected.”

Here’s a vid of Chris on the Tyra show discussing domestic violence…it’s bootleg as hell, so prepare yourself:

Yesterday, reports surface that Rihanna would not cooperate with the police and was withholding the reason as to how the fight started with Chris, but last night she finally spoke up:

A source close to the investigation tells E! News exclusively that Rihanna has alleged to police that Brown choked her while threatening to kill her and, subsequently, she lost consciousness.

They began squabbling after leaving Clive Davis’ pre-Grammy party late Saturday. Shortly after midnight, things blew up. Brown pulled his silver Lamborghini to the side of a street in L.A.’s Hancock Park neighborhood. That’s when, per the source, Rihanna grabbed the car keys and tossed them out the window, sending Brown into a rage.

He tried in vain to find the keys, then came back to the car, put his hands around her neck and, according to the insider, said, “I’m going to kill you!”

According to the source, the 20-year-old “Disturbia” singer told police that she lost consciousness, and when she awoke, Brown had fled.

According to the source, her right eye was blackened and badly swollen and she had hand prints on her arms. The responding officers were so concerned about her, they drove Rihanna to the hospital in their squad car instead of waiting for an ambulance.

Officers took two sets of photographs of the banged-up singer, one at the scene and the second after she was admitted to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center for treatment. Those photos were presumably among the evidence presented to the district attorney.

In other new Rihanna’s grandmother says that she is doing well:

Rihanna’s grandmother says the singer wants to make sure the people of her native Barbados know she’s “OK.

“I don’t want people to worry. Rihanna is fine and she is doing well,” Clara Brathwaite tells Barbados’ Daily Nation newspaper.

Brathwaite denies that Rihanna — who intends to travel back to Barbados to be with her family — has a broken nose.

Well here’s Rihanna side, and we gave you Chris’ side yesterday. Who do you believe?


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  • http://www.bossip.com jjj / Proud Jamaican

    He will be punished ma! Don’t worry…you will get some justice Rihanna.

  • Ohsosexy!


  • Ohsosexy!

    @ jjj

    damn u fast girl…lol

  • truth, iam a girl


  • hearty

    ohhhh chris why..

  • Not a Robo cop


  • MrSfReShT90


  • http://~ Kigali(Joyfully Licking The Ass of Random Cracka's Since 1972)

    asphyxiation is NO JOKE!!!!!!! Damn shame.

  • truth, iam a girl

    Yeah i feel sorry for her, and yes I believe her.. Dag chris has a temper!

  • http://~ Kigali(Joyfully Licking The Ass of Random Cracka's Since 1972)

    if it’s the truth** shouldn’t she have a bruised neck. I know being a lightskinned sista, we do bruise very easily.

  • http://www.50-dabitch.com Eric

    I still think she gave him herpes…i ain’t saying he was right…but if she did….then nigga i understand. But you should be thinking bruh…you a light skinned pretty nucca…They gonna turn you out in them Cali jails. LMAO

  • http://dmonarchy.com TY DGAME

    Put him in a cell with 10 or 15 guys,who had someone they cared for abused…….justice

  • Tone Bone

    Dont throw the lambo keys out the window, whats wrong with you girl! Dam…yet Chris shouldnt have bounced he should have made she was alright…then fled

  • http://~ Kigali(Joyfully Licking The Ass of Random Cracka's Since 1972)

    @ Proud Jamaican
    if this happened to a Black American woman or any other woman, for that matter, would you still go bat over her or is there an Island connection that makes you feel especially sensitive to Carib. woman being abused?

  • Young Hov

    Damn, Rihanna snitching now? What happened to the street rules of not cooperating with 5-0?

  • lesbianbaby

    Both of them are wrong. I expect more from them. They should be ashamed.

  • Tricia

    lost consciousness, eh? BEFORE HE EVEN BEAT HER? I don’t know about this one. Didn’t a “witness” hear her screaming bloody murder just yesterday? I’m not believing any of this story any more form either sides.

    Best of luck to both

  • jay

    get better soon mama. Remember, this too shall pass.

  • bored

    @MrSfReShT90 I agree 100%

    Since all this is on Chris real bad right now, there is getting ready to be some turn of events in the coming days and again the camp is preparing for damage control on ole girls part..

    Everyone jumped to her defense to fast the only thing this is going to do is make her look real bad when it’s all said and done.

  • Richard

    How she gonna have bruises on her arms but not her neck?

    You grab people by the arms when u r trying to restain them from using those arms.


    she just tring to get some more remorse from everyone i dont believe that…..
    i believe he hit her which dont make it right but that other shit i think she pulled a “then line between love and hate” act on him
    her and the stepfather needs to sit down
    but im still a chris brown fan that wasnt a smart move on his part but everybody is human…and no one is immuned to the trial and tribulations of life….

  • slimpickens

    My heartfelt sympathy goes out to the young female singer. A young man should be taught to walk away from a female before striking them. Women are generally not as strong as males and are usually more emotional.

    It is sometimes best to keep your relationships private when you live a very public life because many will want what you have because you have it.

    I hope both of these young people learn a lesson from this incident. When you are 19 and 20 and believe you are in love, it is often not the case.

  • http://~ Kigali(Joyfully Licking The Ass of Random Cracka's Since 1972)

    “he tried in vain” means that he tried to find the keys, which was futile and the keys were never found… he found the keys, because he LEFT her.

  • MWNY


  • Kiss My Ass Bossip

    So where did the bite marks come from? if he started chocking her when did she get a black eye? this don’t sound right to me, I reckon she started choking him and he bit her to get her off and they started fighting now i’m not excusing Chris for hitting her but in my opinon you keep hitting someone man or woman and they gonna snap and hit yuou back, it’s a double standard for people to say he should have walked away, they BOTH should have walked away without starting sh*t but it seems that his career will be ruined and she’ll be cool.

    in my opinion no one should have put there hands on anybody it’s not be a man and walk away it’s have some sense and walk away before you do something you’ll regret

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