Blast From the Past Wednesday: Tevin Campbell “Can We Talk”

- By Bossip Staff

Posted by Bossip Staff

Damn, y’all. Hands down, this was a nice one. Pop the hood for some easy listening and enjoy.

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  • Domestic Violence

    I’m coming for his gay ass too.

  • truth, iam a girl


  • Chris Brown's Stepfather

    Lol at Bossip for the “pop the hood’ sh*t! tevin gets his hood popped every night.


    Tevin was the 90’s version of a Faggot just like NeYo is for todays gay artist. I really think that they would make a great couple. Both are very talented and are so graceful just like some rainbow punks.

  • Allison Mae

    Love this song!!!

  • hey girl

    I love this song, these post are way to funny Ne-Yo and Tevin it could hpapen. He can sing though.

  • du durdy

    damn, i luv this song. I beat down my first bitch to this joint. Bitch still walks with a limp. Luv’d that ho.

  • I Love Being Black

    Comments are always funny. The song and ‘Li’l Tevin Campbell'(gay or not) was hot then. ‘Can We Talk?’…LOL!

  • reese615

    @ du durdy

    damn, i luv this song. I beat down my first bitch to this joint. Bitch still walks with a limp. Luv’d that ho.

    SMH Damn, that screen name suits that ass something proper.


    I used to be in LOVE with me some Tevin way back in the day!!! I bet if he would have rough a girl up everyone wouldn’t be so quick to call him gay!!!

  • hy2maintain

    ooooo… takin me back, I loved this song!!

  • Shawamar

    This was the joint….

  • DeeFav

    Love Tevin!!!!!

  • its gettin crazy....

    oooh, got the throwback on(smile)–i use to rock to this

  • pistol whiped

    I don’t know why gay boys act like there about the other sex?

  • http://none Just Sayin'

    He had some good songs. Don’t say goodbye girl, Always in my heart. And he was so cute when he was Ashley’s boyfriend on Fresh Prince.

  • ShavonDenise

    Tevin is one of the best male vocalist of all time. The way his voice register’s is unlike any other men. Despite of some of the most ignorant comments made above, he is not the only homosexual ever to sang and some guys were on the DL, not just the obvious like him and Luther. That doesnt matter. Tevin was awesome and had the potential of being more but I love him!

  • chaka1

    I still have this song on my ipod. The video is strange. They made the video chick look like a lesbian. I was very confused.

  • lovetevin

    I just came across this mixtape called LOVESTONED for valentines day, and the DJ had some old school tevin..does anyone remember that song “shhhhh”?
    Tevin had some songs back in the day!

  • noelle

    “Can We Talk”

    Sure, Jay whaty’s up??

  • noelle


    “Can We Talk”

    Sure, Jay whaty’s up??

    Jay: “Oh, just excited bout this party ..i mean dinner me and Bron bout to throw.”
    Noelle: “Oh, yeah??
    Jay: “Yeah. On Valentine’s Day. But, then I gotta start promo work for The Blueprint 3….ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh”
    Noelle: “I know, sucks. Well, gotta go watch the video. Bye!”

  • RealTalk

    One of the best R&B voices of the last 20yrs. Too bad personal baggage eclipsed a very strong career. He could circles around all the cats perpetrating R&b today.

    Tev’s work on “A Goofy Movie” was the joint to. Eye to Eye bay bay =)

  • noelle

    Jay: “So…how was the video??”
    Noelle: “Cool. When are you gonna let me work for you??”
    Jay: “Man. IDK cause Ye always wanna f*ck up and shit. He brings me down!!!!!!!!!!!”
    Noelle: “WTF jay, what does that have to do with me???”
    (in walks Kanye) Kanye: “Ya’ll niggas gay no homo.”
    Jay: “Shut up Ye.”

  • Domestic Violence

    ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^you are a loser for that^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

  • noelle

    Noelle: “Well, I gotta go, Bentley is barking. I am bout to put him outside and some a Black. Lol”
    Jay: “You wack.”
    Noelle: “K. Bye!”

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