Bye Bye: Celebrities Who Had To Resign

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Celebrities Who Had To Resign

In this market, it’s incredibly difficult to keep a job. That must be why celebrities are resigning left and right.

These people in particular messed up and had to quit. Damn.

Mister Cee – He just resigned because he couldn’t handle being outed,

Magic Johnson – He retired from the NBA after contracting the HIV virus.

Richard Nixon – He had to step down as President after Watergate.

Pope Benedict XIV – Pope-ing is tough. No wonder he quit.

Anthony Weiner – He resigned after he put his junk out for the world to see. We’d quit too.

Benzino – He had to resign from the Source over a bevy of scandals and the fact that he sucked.

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    Mike D’Antoni – He resigned from the Knicks mostly because Carmelo wanted him gone. Then he went to L.A. and had Phil Jackson not allowed to come back.

    Jay-Z – He resigned as President of Def Jam. Good for him, though, as he went on to better things.

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