Poor Thang: Kimmy Cakes Devastated By People Making Fun Of Her Baby Weight

- By Bossip Staff

Don’t worry Kim, it gets better.

Kim Kardashian Devastated Over Weight Comments

Looks like it’s gonna take Kim a little bit longer to get in shape for that Playboy cover.

According to Radar Online

Brody Jenner‘s resentful about the mental anguish his stepsister Kim Kardashian went through during her pregnancy with baby North earlier this year, claiming she was at the receiving end of cruel and unnecessary treatment from the media as she packed on the pounds.

“A lot of very cruel things were written about her,” Brody, who was prominently featured on this past season of Keeping Up with the Kardashians, told the U.K.’s Now magazine. “When you’re pregnant it should be a great stage in your life and you shouldn’t have to go to every newsstand and see pictures and headlines saying: ‘Kim’s a whale.’”

He gave insight as to how rough things got, saying that “for a while, Kim was all bummed out with all the ridicule she was getting about her weight during her pregnancy … it was definitely getting to her.

“I know it upset her — it should have been one of the happiest times of her life and it wasn’t,” the hunky star of The Hills said. “People gain weight when they’re pregnant and there’s nothing wrong with that. It upset me to read some things about her.”

Despite the storm of snark, Brody said Kim’s only moving onward and upward following the upsetting ordeal.

“She dealt with it and she’s a strong girl, she’s getting through it and everything’s good,” he said. “She’s been focusing on losing weight and being a mom.”

We bet Kanye would beat up everyone who made a negative comment about Kimmy’s weight if he could. SMH.

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