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Alicia Keys is on the cover of Entertainment Weekly and discusses her reasons for being a closed-book:

“Ever since I was little, I always felt like if people knew about me, they’d be able to use it against me. I’ve just always been like, ‘If you don’t know about me, there’s nothing you can say to destroy or hurt me.’ So, moving into a career where people are always prying, my instinct has always been to close up. I discovered a lot about myself I didn’t like. I would look in the mirror, and I didn’t know who that person was. I didn’t like my eyes; I didn’t like what they said. I couldn’t sleep. I was uncomfortable all the time, and irritated and frustrated.”

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  • http://www.feleciascakes.com cake lady


  • http://jamesthornskatyisd.org cogic man

    that right Miss Keys!!

  • MJ

    That explains the lesbo flow..

  • kai

    I like how shes creating a buzz cuz her album has dropped. Im still buying it though, but no one needs to know all this crap.

  • http://www.theblackactor.com/ Baby Please

    Unlike everybody else, I am not liking how she’s looking these days. Not at all. I’m not sure if it’s too much makeup, old woman hairdo (which is sucking away her youthfulness), sunkin in face, overbite that didn’t seem so pronounced before… somepin. I can’t put my finger on it.

    Of course, she’s still attractive and all, but still… I’m sayin.

    She doesn’t look the same. She doesn’t.


  • http://www.myspace.com/sweetbabyt2nvy TAMRA SMITH

    She is a shining star!!! Lots of folks need to take out their pens and notepads and take notes from Miss Keys!!!

  • weezy

    Use what against her? Why is she so uncomfortable? It seems the media has been nice to her. A lot of female singers have gotten it a lot worse than she has.

    Maybe she is “how you doin”

  • Shining

    Still a wierdo-but she is xtra girly these days like so much so thatit appears she is being fake….anD “bABY pLEASE” she has to wear lots of makeup cause her acne is horrible-she has really bad skin!!!

  • Lady Architect

    No reason to put all your business out there anyway…just keep doing your thing…she looks nice on this cover

  • Shipoopi


  • greenivy

    it’s a great CD ( Listening to it as I write) and she’s doing the damn thing! Great voice, madly talented and SMART (Valedictorian of her high school AND graduated at 16 AND was accepted to Columbia U but went to COLUMBIA RECORDS instead!!) GO A!!

  • Lady In Red

    Like 2 people would care that Alicia Keys was gay. It’s so painfully obvious sometimes. It’s sad she has to live her life as mentioned in quote. But whatever works.

  • greenivy

    She’s been looking great recently. Love the ‘girly look’ BUT I can appreciate that she can switch it up on ya!! I love Miss B but she COULD not rock some of the looks Alicia has rocked. Just b/c she has an ‘edge’ does not make her a lesbo… she just a female you shouldn’t step to 🙂

  • Hatehaters

    I had this same problem because I thought if anyone found out I was attracted to beautiful women they’d turn against me…I’m just saying I like her ever more and the album is ok I like it.

  • weezy

    Now one says you have to put all your business in the street, but what is it that she feels she has to hide. Her “alleged” boyfriend is nobody famous, no one is going interested in him like that. If JHud can show the world she is with her janitor boyfriend than she can acknowledge her “boyfriend”. Her being evasive causes more speculation and fuels the rumors.

  • http://www.myspace.com/150821702 Bankable P

    sounds to me like there might be some skeletons in the closet she doesn’t want coming out(even though everybody has at least 1 skeleton in their closet). I don’t think I would lose sleep over it though (unless I was wanted for something serious like murder)……whatever it is must be really scary for her to lose sleep.

  • http://www.gravatar.com JawJa Swag

    I can appreciate making improvements to urself…when u are that talented u always look for new ways to challenge urself but I hope her “image” and music doesn’t make too much of a drastic change…..I’m only speaking as a fan (not a hater) anyways

    Sometimes its good to be private…..thats kinda how i am

  • http://www.sitfu.com sitfu

    Nice cover….as usual.


    Taking a Closer Look at the Stories Ignored

    by the Mainstream Media

  • Vick

    If it makes sense…I’m private too, but I don’t have anything to hide. In addition, I don’t make it a point to say I’m private. Something in the milk aint clean. Maybe her initial stage name suggestion had meaning “Alycia Wild” as for he and the make-up, I strongly suggest it. She’s one stressed out moment away from a fever blister. I was on the set of a movie and an actress looked like she had chicken pox or Herpes on her chin and cheeks…the make-up made her one color but the pimples were still raised, but after all the lighting, filters, and make-up the end result was the usual flawless-ness we see.

    *Why don’t they just go to a dermatologist? They can afford it.

  • Just Sit And Be Pretty

    greenivy, I’m listening to it now as well…and it’s great. Had to close my office door ’cause I’m up in here having my own sing-along!! 🙂 OMG, I’m lovin’ “Like You’ll Never See Me Again”, it’s got a cool Prince-like vibe to it.

  • hey

    i don’t blame her. there are some sick, twisted mutufuters in this world who will take the most innocent, innocuous things and twist it to mean something totally else. besides people will always speculate and call her a lesbian regardless of how honest and open she is, so why bother. just focus on your craft (and cash) and keep it movin.

    @Vick “*Why don’t they just go to a dermatologist? They can afford it.”

    sweetheart you do realize that there is no cure for acne. it is a medical condition for which no amount of money can cure it…it can only lessen it. please people read up or something.

  • http://www.myspace.com/150821702 Bankable P

    That is true but when I was in high school they told us that make-up doesn’t make the acne situation any better either. I had problems in high school with acne and when i put make-up on it only made the situation worse – i would break-out in hives. So i stopped wearing make-up and still don’t to this day.

  • ohplease

    yep, I’m sure being closeted is hard on the soul, Miss Keys

  • hey

    ^^it really depends on the specific type of makeup whether or not it will cause or exacerbate acne, but if Alicia didn’t wear any makeup at all then people would clown her for that. catch-22.

  • Shawn08

    Keys will neva be happy until she is able to be who she is without hiding it… It is unfortunate that people have to live this way. I say come out because we all know, and it will neva change the fact that your music is good…

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