In White Folks News: Little Lady Blasts Miley Cyrus For Offensive Performance “Little People Are The Last Acceptable Blackface In Showbiz”! [Video]

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Wait, what?!

Miley Cyrus Under Fire For Performance With A Band Of All Little People

This attention-sloring heffa is determined to keep her name in headlines huh?

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“All eyes are on me, and I’ll do what I wanna do so people remember me,” Miley Cyrus said earlier this week. But after twerking on Robin Thicke at the MTV VMAs and getting naked for her “Wrecking Ball” music video, Miley’s latest attempt to make a splash, some say, has crossed the line.

After Miley performed with a band comprised of “little people“ in Germany and England earlier this week, 3’10″ showbiz vet Selene Luna spoke out exclusively to to slam the “offensive” performance.

“Miley’s performance struck a chord with me,” Luna, who has performed with Dita Von Teese and appeared on VH1′s The Cho Show with Margaret Cho, tells Radar. “As much as I’m all for being anti-victim, it’s offensive to me that little people are still the go-to butt of the joke. I don’t understand why it’s ok that she’s like, ‘Oooh look at my prop!’”

A stand-up comic and burlesque dancer herself, Luna says Miley’s performance is unacceptable in her eyes.

“I could never get way with doing a show surrounded by a band of people with Down Syndrome,” Luna explains. “You couldn’t do a show with Chinese people and be like, ‘Look at my Chinaman!’ Why is this ok? It’s like little people are the last acceptable blackface in showbiz.”

Selene goes on to say:

“I shouldn’t be shocked or anything at this point, but I just don’t understand why she finds it funny to have these short-afflicted people performing,” Luna says. “And I don’t want to be patronizing to the little people with her because they have every right to make that money. It just makes me sick.”

“Nobody’s saying anything about it because it just shows that society really does not value little people as individuals with thoughts and feelings,” she says. “Little people really do not matter in society.”

“I’m not on some anger thing about it,” she insists. “But I have the right to voice myself in a public platform just the same as Miley does.”

We get that there are several demographics that suffer from injustice and prejudice, but why is it that whenever someone wants to talk about their plight they have to compare it to what black folks have gone through??


You can see video of the performance that has ol’ girl’s little panties in bunch below.

Do you consider Miley’s show “offensive”?

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