Lock Em Up: Triggerman Zimmerman’s Local Police Chief Agrees That He’s “Another Sandy Hook Waiting To Happen”

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Do not pass go…do not collect $200…

Florida Police Chief Compares George Zimmerman To Sandy Hook Shooter

A Florida man who felt that the local police department in the town where acquitted child murderer George Zimmerman now resides recently sent an e-mail to the town’s Police Chief Steve Bracknell expressing his outrage over the handling of Zimmerman’s recent gun-related domestic violence incident involving his future ex-wife and father- in-law.

In the e-mail, obtained by Think Progress, the outraged resident suggests that George Zimmerman is “a ticking-time bomb,” and compares him to the deranged gunman who took the lives of Sandy Hook elementary school students last summer.

The resident writes:

The Police Chief responds:

The resident then follows up with:

Which prompts this response from the police chief:

Well, now that this letter, along with the Chief’s real-life sentiments about the situation have gone public, we’re hoping he takes some action…..but we’re not so sure, given what he had to say in response.

Hit the flip to read the resident’s initial e-mail in its’ entirety and Chief Bracknell’s full response regarding the way they handled Zimmerman’s recent arrest.

Florida resident Santigao Rodriguez sent in this lengthy letter to Police Chief Bracknell…

..and was surprised when the chief responded in great detail. Peep the chief’s response next…

Hopefully this will ignite a call to action in Florida and put a stop to this trigger-happy mad man roaming free. You can read the full version of Mr. Santiago’s final response e-mail to chief Bracknell HERE.


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