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California Lawmakers Reject Mandatory Condom Use In Adult Films

Via Gawker reports:

Adult films participants will continue to go raw for the foreseeable future — even as four performers tested positive for HIV in the last month — after California lawmakers rejected a bill that would make condom use mandatory during filming.

The measure, AB 640, would have required performers state-wide to wear condoms while filming sex scenes, and mandated that producers provide medical testing and training.

In the last month, three performers have publicly announced their positive HIV test results, and an unidentified fourth performer reportedly came forward with a positive test to an advocacy group last week.

While a moratorium remains in effect, many in the industry say that requiring condoms on set would be ineffective and would harm California’s economy. It is unclear whether the performers contracted the disease on- or off-set. Opponents of condom porn point to the fact that two of the performers were reportedly dating.

Freaky film stars get tested regularly but they can’t monitor who they sleep with on their off-time. Do you think triple x stars should have to strap up when they film??



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