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  • 504okaay


  • dontaskme4shyt

    Illllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll @ that hair!!! She ought to be ashamed of herself!

  • Just Sit And Be Pretty

    WTH?!?! When I first saw this pic, it took a minute to register what I was looking at. That is one hot, trailer trash mess!!

  • Marsha


  • Whatchaknoaboutdat?

    Britney needs to get a better set of people to hang around and to assist her because her handlers let her go out lookin’ any kind of way…all kinds of foolishness going on with her.

    And the same for Lindsey Lohan… way less then admirable behavior!!!

  • 4RealTho

    Ain’t her hair long enough now to get some tracks or something??? Why she still got that old skool baby doll hair? I bet if you open her pony tail there’s no hair in there! LMAO

  • txshawty

    Got dawg it if her head don’t remind be of the girl working the tickets at the entrance to the fair! Standing up there with the bottom part of her hair micro-braided and the top part in a lil ball with her real hair…look like she told her cousin, ‘Girl stop right thurr, I gotta go to work!’…smh…she coulda at least told her cousin to start on the outside edges so she could bring it up into a ponytail and hide the undone part…or worn a HAT to cover the top part..but NOOOO…

  • LaLa

    She just really needs to rock a short chic hair cut….but that’s right…it’s Britney…there is nothing chic or stylish about her….

  • Mobetta

    I was thinking since the last time a pic of Brit’s hair with the same extensions, but dark brown…she needs to get to a Black salon and get some tracks put in. She could probably rock the extensions she gets now but someone needs to tell her raggedy pony tails are not the way to go. But she obviously doesn’t care about looking tacky and paying alot of money for the look.

  • N-Qui-Sa-Tive

    I feel bad for her. She is obviously losing her mind. i really hope she doesn’t kill herself of worse, hurt her children! I know hollywood can be cruel but I’m sure publicist warn you of the negativity of the press. It’s a matter of balance. But on the other hand, these are HER choices. I saw this Pererz site. It was like every other blog was about her. People were tell her to die and how bad she is etc. I thought to myself, damn what if she reads this today and kills herself. Are those peop who commented on that blog so harshly partially to blame? Its fun/funny to comment on people but she REALLY seems as though she’s on her last leg. I hope she gets help and doesn’t read those blogs.You never know someone’s breaking point. 😦 God Bless You girl.

  • Bankable P

    According to the article she states that she has A.D.D. which is the first time i’ve heard of this being mentioned about her. If it’s true it would help to explain why she can’t keep still!!

    Jay-Z need to stop his mess. How you gonna say “…being insanely rich is a bit of a let down” F’er if you don’t want the money, send me a check!! He gonna say in the interview:

    “OK, I drove the Rolls Phantom around the corner and … nothing happened.” And you ask yourself, “That’s it? I thought blondes was gonna be jumping on my hood!”

    So you saying that is the only reason you hang with Bey, ’cause she had them long blonde tresses? When the interviewer asked him if he was gonna marry Bey, he gonna laugh and not comment. Hmmmmmm……..

  • N-Qui-Sa-Tive

    When did he say this Bankable?

  • FineAsWine





  • Southern Belle

    wonder why she can’t just wear her own hair? it didn’t look that bad when she shaved it. it should be long enough for a cute short style. i think she is just being trifling ya’ll

  • Say What?

    STFU @ Run Forrest. That was an ignorant comment. Brittney’s behavior to date is worse than any one person regardless of race I have ever witnessed.

    It’s a damn shame.

    Somebody need to protect them kids. Is there not one person with GOOD SENSE within her entire immediate family?!?!

    For the most part, a Black family would not allow for their family member to be in public with an mental issue such as hers.

    She needs treatment.

  • Jus Another Opinion

    Jay unhappy with being rich. Hell that is how you bagged beyonce in the first place. It sure wasn’t cause of your looks!!!


    It’s Britney again… I’m tired of her… Oh, wait! It’s not Britney, it’s a broom!

  • BlackCentury

    This is the type women that i go for.

  • Sammybear

    Why is she still allowing her stylist to put that fusion weave in her hair!… She really needs to come by and see me…. and yes… Micheal Jackson does have the hottest lacefront in the game…. but im sure she cant afford Mikes people!

  • bee-mice-elf

    Britney’s gone Amy Wino on us.

  • Bet


  • Sun Goddess

    Lindsay Lohan is the epitome of white privilege. Yes, I said it.

  • MiSS. Am i HiGH aka PERSEPHANY


  • BlackGirlLost

    she wrong for that

  • kai

    This makes me mad. You have the money to go buy yourself a brand new mercedes recently, but you cant figure out what to do with that crap on your head? She must not care. I hope she at least tends to her personal hygiene because new car and consistent hair screw ups really make me ponder lol.

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