Thirsty Ex Files: Beyonce’s Former Boyfriend Lyndall Talks Her Virginity, Their Break Up And Mrs. Carter Still “Loving Him”

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“Bet it sucks to be you right nooooooow…”

Beyonce’s Ex Boyfriend Lyndall Speaks On Their Relationship

Beyonce and Jay Z have been together for a pretty long while now, but despite their obviously blissful coupleship, Bey’s super salty ex-boyfriend Lyndall Locke seems to pop up out of the blue every so often trying to jog back on memories and whine about how he shouldn’t have let her go.

In his latest ramblings to The UK Sun tabloid, Lyndall, who now works as a chef in Houston, is talking that talk about how they met, why they broke up, Bey “being afraid to live without him” back in day and more.

Check out a few interview excerpts below.

On their relationship back then:
“Beyonce was the love of my life and I was hers, so losing her is still my biggest regret. She would say to me all the time, ‘I’m afraid to ever live my life without you Lyndall, I want you to be mine for ever’.

On meeting Beyonce through Kelly Rowland when he was 13 and she was 11:
“From the first time I saw Beyonce I couldn’t take my eyes off of her. She looked like an angel, the most beautiful girl I’d ever seen. We’d hang out after school and almost every night we’d fall asleep talking to each other on the phone.”

On their first kiss:
“It was just after Beyonce’s 15th birthday. I surprised her with Brian McKnight concert tickets and it happened that night. I had got popcorn and as we were sitting in our seats I dropped it. As we both went down to grab it we bumped heads, and locked into our first kiss.

We both just looked at each other realizing there was this incredible spark of fireworks between us. That was the first feeling of true love between me and Beyonce.

Still, to this day, I’ve never had another kiss as passionate as that one.”

On not knowing Beyonce could sing:
“She was just so shy, she was a bit of an outcast at school and didn’t even sing in the choir. For two years I didn’t know she could sing. We spent hours watching movies together and playing Connect 4.

Some of our most fun times was when I watched Beyonce, her sister Solange and Kelly performing dance routines. So while I had no idea how good her voice was back then, I certainly knew she could move.”

Over 10 years later and he’s still shook? Might be time to let it go, bruh.

According to The Sun, Lyndall also went into detail about cheating on a young Beysus multiple times, who broke off their relationship, how he thinks she feels about him today, and whether or not he was her first.

Check out a few more excerpts on the flip…

Lyndall allegedly told The Sun that his long lost love Bey Bey was a “good girl” who didn’t believe in sex before marriage during the 5 years that they dated  which led him to dirty-dog her with other women and that he’ll forever regret losing her to hubby Hov.

Check out a few more interview excerpts below:

On their relationship back then:
“Beyonce was the love of my life and I was hers, so losing her is still my biggest regret. She would say to me all the time, ‘I’m afraid to ever live my life without you Lyndall, I want you to be mine for ever.'”

On cheating while he and Beyonce were together:
“The bigger star she became, the more I didn’t think I was good enough. One night, when she was out of town, I went to a bar with friends and ended up sleeping with another woman.

Over the course of a few years I cheated on her about five times, but I never told her until after we broke up.”

Lyndall continued on about their relationship, revealing how it came to an end and even claiming that he’s sure Beyonce “will always love him.” Yeah, ok.

On how the relationship ended:
“Initially my intention was to take a break from our relationship so I could go to culinary school and make a name for myself. But when I headed to Austin to do the course she quickly moved on with her own life.”

Once she began dating Jay Z, I knew we were doomed and I could never win her back.”

On how he thinks Beyonce feels about him today:
“I know that no matter what, she will always love me. I will always wonder ‘What if?’ and, given all we shared, I’m sure a part of her must feel the same way.

I’ll be honest — it was me that messed everything up and lost her for ever to Jay Z, but I deserved it.

Who cheats on a woman as beautiful as Beyonce? Well, I am that man and it’s something that’ll always haunt me.”

If all of this is true, his dude sounds like a classic case of a bitter and annoying ex boo-thang who just won’t go away. Guess he hasn’t heard “Best Thing I Never Had” before.

You can check out the entire interview HERE.

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