People Ain’t Isht: 13-Month-Old Baby Dies After Mom’s Boyfriend Punched Her In The Stomach

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Lock this monster up!!

Man Punches Baby In The Stomach To Death

Via NewsOne reports:

David Brown-Barrett, 19, of Hartford, Conn., killed his girlfriend’s 13-month old daughter, Ty’asia Allen, by punching her in the stomach because he “lost patience with her,” reports WTNH-TV.

Brown-Barrett, who faces charges of first-degree assault and risk of injury to a minor, is currently in jail on $1 million bond.
Outside of the courthouse, Ty’asia’s family members had to be separated from Brown-Barrett’s relatives.

“We’re talking about a baby that can’t defend herself, a child that just learned how to walk and turned one year old two weeks ago, come on now, whose going to defend her,” said Gwen Morgin, a friend of the mother’s family.

Relatives of the toddler seem to be just as angry at the mother as Brown-Barrett and they have serious questions, including why the baby’s injuries weren’t treated as life-threatening.

“Ask them why they didn’t call 9-1-1, ask them why they flagged down a car to take her to the emergency room, so she could have got help on the spot,” said Crystal Faust, the baby’s grandmother.

What does that tell you, she didn’t show up today in defense of her own baby, how does that make sense,” Faust continued.
Baby Ty’asia went into cardiac arrest and died at the hospital.

This monster is clearly the product of an inferior upbringing. We bet he’ll get the beating in jail that he never got at home.

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