Have It My Way: Restaurant Owner Bans Sagging Pants At 25 McDonald’s Locations In Dallas

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Racist or nah?

McDonald’s Owner Bans Sagging Pants In 25 Restaurants

A Dallas-based McDonald’s restaurant owner is taking the crack down on sagging pants to the next level. The franchisee is reportedly refusing service to customers who enter the restaurant their pants on the low-down lean.

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If you plan to visit the Golden Arches, better bring a belt.

One local McDonald’s franchisee with 25 locations around Dallas is posting this warning in bold red-and-yellow: “No Sagging Allowed in This Restaurant.”

News 8 spotted the signs at four locations: Two along Lancaster Road; one at Camp Wisdom Road and Interstate 35; and another in Seagoville.

McDonald’s corporate headquarters declined to comment for this story.

“We basically in the neighborhood, we were first,” said Loquita Record, who runs Record’s Bar-B-Q in South Dallas.

Hanging in the front door of her 60-year-old restaurant is a sign reading: “If Saggin’, No Service.”z

She said the warning has been there for two years.

Does it work? Do they have customers with sagging pants who come in and pull them up?

“Yes, we do,” Record said.

We’re all for encouraging folks, especially young men, to carry themselves in a presentable way as not to fall victim to the undeniable recent increase in racial profiling specifically directed towards minorities……but are these “sagging pants” bans taking it too far?

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