Staying Chaste: Celebrities Who Claim To Have Stayed Virgins Until Their 20s

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Celebrities Who Were Virgins Until Their 20s

Staying away from the prospects of a good chop down is extremely difficult. Especially as you get older and into adulthood. These celebrities claim to have resisted and stayed virgins until their 20s. Good for them…

Tim Tebow – He’s apparently still a virgin…allegedly.

Beyonce – She said Jay was her first and they didn’t start dating until she was 20 so there’s that.

Adrianna Lima – She waited until marriage at 27. Seriously?

Tamera Mowry-Housley  – She says her husband is the only person she’s been with and she waited until she was 29 with him.

Tina Fey – She waited until she was 24.

Lolo Jones – She’s 30 and still can’t get laid.

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    Jordin Sparks – She has a promise ring and decided to wait, too. Lawd.

    Gary Coleman – He waited until his marriage at 40.

    Celine Dion – She waited until she was 20.

    Jessica Simpson – She waited until her marriage at 23.

    Will Ferrell – He waited until his 20s as well.

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