Whipped: Women Who Keep Their Men In Check

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Women Who Keep Their Men In Check

Men try to pretend they have it all figured out, but the fact is, some can’t handle it if their women keep them under wraps. These men try to pretend they’ve got it together but the women really run them.  

J. Lo – She has little Casper all wrapped around her finger as long as she takes him to Disney World every summer.

Jennifer Hudson – Yup…her WWE boo isn’t respected and everyone knows it.

Vanessa Bryant – She won’t let Kobe do much because, well, he’s a dirty dog.

Halle Berry – She had Gabriel in check until he dropped that a$$.

Angelina Jolie – Word is, when it comes to her kids she doesn’t mess around and Brad has to come correct.

Amber Rose – Wiz Khalifa licked her zipper on stage…he’s whipped.

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    Alicia Keys – Swizzy is bottled up, especially after the side pieces started popping up.

    Mariah Carey – Just look at Nick.

    Miley Cyrus – She clearly has her man down for him to let her twerk like that in public. Oh, wait….

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