Random Ridiculousness: Woman Drives Four Hours To Planned Parenthood After Being Shamed For Hickey By Doctor

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Poor woman.

Woman Shamed By Doctor For Hickey

This is a damn shame in 2013.

According to Raw Story

A Texas woman who was shamed by her doctor for having a hickey and wanting birth control says she is now forced to drive four hours to a Planned Parenthood clinic for health care due to the state’s new anti-abortion laws.

Athena Mason told KUT that her first visit to the doctor as a student at Texas A&M was awkward.

“I had a hickey and the doctor was just like, you shouldn’t be doing that,” she recalled. “I’m like, ‘It’s a hickey, it’s nothing major.’ But I got a big lecture. [He said] my boyfriend was abusive and all of these things. And then I asked for birth control. I did not hear the end of that. So I said never mind, I’ll go somewhere else.”

Mason started using the Planned Parenthood clinic in Bryan. But that facility is one of four women’s health service providers that closed in August after the state passed new regulations restricting abortions.

So Mason now drives four hours to the Planned Parenthood clinic in Austin for health care.

Since when do doctors give moral lectures to their patients? Actually the bigger issue may be the public health crisis some of these states are creating by closing affordable health care facilities. SMH.

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