Jesus Take The Urge: 80-Year-Old Italian Priest Goes Broke Paying Off Thirsty Jumpoff $46,000 To Keep Their Affair Quiet

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Woman Blackmails Priest For $46,000 To Keep Affair Quiet

An Italian priest who was being blackmailed by his jumpoff to keep their affair under wraps was recently forced to reveal his extracurricular activities when he ran out of money and was left flat broke after paying the woman more than $46,000 total.

via Huffington Post

An illicit relationship that began in the confessional between an elderly Italian priest and a Gypsy woman from Romania nearly 50 years his junior resulted in more than $460,000 in blackmail payments to keep the woman quiet, Italian newspapers reported Tuesday.

The reports say the relationship started four years ago with shared personal revelations in the confessional before evolving into a sexual affair and then an extortion racket that cost the priest at least 350,000 euros ($462,000).

At one point, the priest is reported to have handed over his entire monthly stipend to the woman, as well as an inheritance he received years earlier.

The payments reportedly began with the aim of helping the family of the cash-strapped woman but were soon made in order to prevent her from revealing evidence of the affair.

The case was revealed after the now penniless 80-year-old priest filed a complaint detailing threats he received and the financial burden he suffered.

This is why it never pays to deal with gold-diggin’ thirstbuckets. EVER. Well, unless you’re the thirstbucket, that is.

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