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Sex Offender Joseph Caracciolo Accused Of Impregnating 12-Year-Old

It’s a sick sad world

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Joseph Anthony Caracciolo said he wanted to hold his infant daughter, and wrote to his girlfriend how much he loved her and wanted to be with her. The 13-year-old mother from Atlantic County, however, had learned by then that the man she knew as Joseph Grillo was a fake with a lengthy criminal history, including rape and bigamy. Federal authorities identified him as Caracciolo, 47, a high school dropout, registered sex offender, and ex-convict who was wanted by the FBI even as he preyed upon the victim beginning when she was 12. They said they are trying to determine if there are other potential victims. Tuesday, the clean-shaven, 5-foot-7 Caracciolo appeared in Camden for his first U.S. District Court appearance on charges that he sexually assaulted the victim, who at 12 could not legally consent to sex. Assistant U.S. Attorney Justin Danilewitz depicted Caracciolo as a serial predator who has been caught conning women since the 1990s. He said Caracciolo was a threat to the community and a flight risk. “There are numerous victims who have been left in his wake literally from coast to coast,” Danilewitz said.

These pedo muhfuggas should all be subjected to the Lorena Bobbitt treatment.

According to a criminal complaint made public Tuesday, Caracciolo and the victim in Atlantic County corresponded by phone and Caracciolo, who lived in New York, agreed to meet the girl at her father’s home in Egg Harbor Township in the summer of 2012. There, the two had sexual intercourse for the first time. On another occasion, the complaint said, Caracciolo allegedly molested the girl during a trip to the Poconos that same summer.

Wait, they smashed in her daddy’s crib?!?!

The victim gave birth to a girl in April. She later told authorities that the baby’s father had identified himself as Joseph Grillo or Crillo, and the two had kept in touch throughout her pregnancy through phone calls and text messages. The victim agreed to allow investigators to record their phone conversations and read their text messages. On Aug. 13, he allegedly texted her: “I miss you so much . . . And I want to hold my [baby] so bad.” In a phone conversation that month, Caracciolo expressed concern that the victim only wanted to speak to him because he had fathered their child. He worried that the victim’s mother would see her phone messages. He also texted concern she was seeing someone else, according to the criminal complaint. “If he comes near my kid… I’ll kill him. OK?” Caracciolo allegedly wrote in one text.

We need to get this guy off the street ASAP! If you just so happen to see this guy hangin’ out at a McDonald’s PlayPlace hit the FBI HERE

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