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What do these older women see in these young boys?

Mother Accused Of Sex With Underage Boy

It’s disturbing when a mother sexually abuses a child, but where were the child’s parents?

According to The NY Daily News

A 36-year-old mother stands accused of having a sexual relationship with her daughter’s ex-boyfriend.

Aglaia Cloud pleaded not guilty on Tuesday to four counts third-degree child forced sex and one count of communication with a minor for immoral purposes, the News Tribune reported.

The victim, who had ended a relationship with Cloud’s daughter, was confronted by his own mother about why he kept returning to the girl’s home in Lacey, Wash., court records stated. The 15-year-old then confessed that he sleeping with Cloud, 36, and claimed he was doing so because she promised to introduce him to a talent agent who could help him with his apirations to become a dancer.

An aspiring singer and actress in her own right, Cloud is believed to have had sex with the boy on multiple occasions since September of 2012.

The boy’s mother contacted police, who launched an investigation that netted a sex video the couple made at a Holiday Inn Express, as well as taped phone conversations that prosecutors say implicate Cloud.

“There were conversations about their relationship confirming her knowledge of his age and the fact they had a sexual relationship,” Lt. Phil Comstock said.

In one such taped conversation, the victim asks Cloud, “did we, or did we not have sex before I turned 16?”
“Yes,” Cloud replies.

After entering her plea, Cloud, who now lives outside of Washington, was released on bail, but must return for her criminal trial in December.

The age of consent in Washington is 16.

If this is true, she needs her azz whipped. She was perfectly capable of finding a man her age instead of phucking a little boy.




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