Jesus Take The Wheel

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R. Kelly is accused of crossing the line that never should have been “crossed professionally or personally” according to his publicist.

Regina Daniels quit Saturday after working for Kelz for over 14 years.

Dr. Phil, we think we have a show idea that is on point. Call Kelz up.

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  • Whatchaknoaboutdat?

    Okay, I want to know why she suddenly decided to quit… did he really try to get with her young daughter? I wonder what George Daniels has to say about this???


  • Ooh, That's my tra-la-la

    Ick. This guy needs to be euthananised.

  • Ooh, That's my tra-la-la

    Pardon me, euthanized. R.Kelly is in this like downward spiral &&` he’s so fug.

  • Al-Anon

    If R. Kelly really wants to be “trapped in the closet”, he’s gonna to LOVE prison!

  • Msbioed

    Ok can someone please explain to me why all these other stars are getting some kinda prison sentence (even if for a couple of minutes lol) and this mofo here hasnt been to trial yet. Like WTF is up with all the concerts,video shoots, etc. Hell does Kelz have something on somebody that he using…Barry Bonds gonna go down quicker than this dude here.

  • Ms. Sugar Walls

    It is OK R. You can find another! YOu probably stop giving her the Dick. LOL

    Or you probably tried to F*CK her friend!

    Don’t sweat it! I still listen to your music, as ALL of these haters do..too!

    Keep your head up! CHI-TOWNNNNNN…..STILL ISN’T better than STL, OK maybe..a little(in the club section of thing)

    BTW: I am sorry for rambling, but if you haven’t has that chocolate tai, YOU wouldn’t know what I am talking about. I am on CLOUD NINE! Baby Babyyyyyyyyyy! 😛

  • Nita

    There’s more to the story… we’ll just have to wait and see what that true story is.

  • PHILLY inda310

    DANG KELLY…he a cold piece of work

    but i bet philly woulda broke her off proper

  • ReBeL

    Where he Sailing to?

  • BlackCentury

    He is a handsome man. NICE site. Full of black singles.

  • heartofawoman03

    She didn’t quit on this past saturday. She quit on august 28, 2007. so please get your information correct. she wasn’t a good publist anyway. she should of left a long time ago

  • Mary J Blige


  • N-Qui-Sa-Tive

    She’s going to talk. It’s a matter of how much money is going to make her talk. When she gets the right amount, she will be on Larry King or Sister to Sister.

  • ADA

    He was said to be fond of internet recently. Some of his female fans found him on a millionaire&celebs dating club He has a personal account there with his handsome pictures, blog…In his friend circle, some other stars can be found there. Of course, many hot girls join in his circle. One of girls there said that they often joked, even flirt with each other.

  • Sara

    Mariah is one of the greatest singing artists of all time. So leave her alone.

  • famou$ dude

    all yall lamez dat support r. kelly need to get locked up wit him. da man knew da lil girl was underage cause dats da kind of p*ssy he likes.. he likes young p*ssy.. nasty azz n*gga. even his own peoples said there be girls backstage and he passed up da 20 year olds and go f*ck wit da 16 year old.. smh.. dis n*gga go get locked up and get f*cked in da azz by some debo n*gga and i’m gon’ laugh my azz off when it comes out. dis n*gga has been doin’ dis sh*t for too long. dey up michael jackson’s azz and dey got no prove on dis n*gga but dey is ready to lock his azz up.. da juctice system is f*cked up. can’t believe dis n*gga is doin’ dis perverted sh*t when he has a daughter.. f*ckin’ nasty azz n*gga. i don’t know why artists continue to work wit dis fool when dey know dey wouldn’t let their daughters be around his azz.. smh.. f*ckin’ sad mayne.. real talk.

  • FineAsWine



  • FineAsWine


  • Ooh, That's my tra-la-la

    We STILL haven’t forgot about that weak TP album, R.Smelly. We still haven’t forgot.

  • memchee

    obviously, this person is bitter about something.

    However, after seeing the tape of R. Kelly abusing an underage girl, cam his ex-P.R. person say anything that could make him look any worse……..I HIGHLY DOUBT IT!!!

    She needs to take a seat and move on professionly unless she is going to sue or press criminal charges.

  • AND...




    What planet are you on? R-Kelly is the topic space case

  • Debra

    she should quit, especially if she had anything to do with the Double-Up Tour……the weakest mess ever….what was with all the stupid videos of his crew sleeping..acting like a classical music conductor..short quick versions of the songs, that everyone wanted to hear….a hot mess…..!!!!

  • Just Sit And Be Pretty

    BTW, R Kelly nauseates me.


    Cool guy

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