Biters: 10 Aspects Of Black Culture That Some White People Tried To Ruin

- By Bossip Staff
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10 Aspects Of Black Culture White People Tried To Ruin

Since the beginning of time, White people have adored Black culture. They adore it so much that they’ll try anything to make it part of their culture. And it usually ends terribly. From Rock & Roll to twerking, here are some things White people took over that we no longer want any part of.

Rock & Roll – Elvis came through, snatched Blues and Rock & Roll and now look at it.


Grills – Grills are dead. Viva la grills.

Slang – Nothing makes you feel lamer than when “raising the roof” becomes something the Oprah crowd did.

Braids/Corn Rows – Who remembers the Justin Timberlake corn row era?

Skin Color – Tanning is so out of control. Trying too hard?

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    Hip-Hop Fashion – Not cool, guys.

    90s R&B – People tried to make New Kids On The Block happen because they were just a fake version of a Black R&B group.

    Cinema – There’s currently a debate over if White directors will destroy Black stories…your thoughts?

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