When Animals Attack: Zookeeper Mauled To Death By Tiger After Forgetting To Lock Cage Door During Feeding Time

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Being killed by a tiger is a horrible way to die.

Zookeeper Mauled To Death

Poor guy was just doing his job and got caught slippin…..smh.

According to Mail Online

A zoo keeper died from a single bite to the throat after he forgot to lock a door and a tiger pounced on him.

The experienced 56-year-old keeper was laying food in the outside area of the tiger compound in a Munster zoo, Germany, when the predator crept up behind him.

The animal sunk its teeth into the keeper’s throat, killing the employee instantly.

The keeper, known only as Martin. H, was carrying out a routine feed when the tragic accident happened in front of visitors.

He had failed to lock the inside enclosure door properly, which allowed the Siberian tiger to get to him.

An investigation is inspecting the circumstances around the death, but the strongest theory is that the death occurred because of human error.

Zoo chief Jörg Adler said despite help being immediately called for, there was nothing emergency services could do for the keeper.

He said: ‘An encounter like that with a tiger isn’t something that can be survived,’ The Local reported.

‘We can install only so much technology and so many alarms – when it comes down to it, it’s the keeper who decides,’ he added.

The Munster zoo director said the keeper loved his animals, 9News MSN reported. The Siberian tiger, called Rasputin, will not be killed.

His family will have to have a closed casket or cremate him. Sad.

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