Catch Up: 10 things You Probably Missed During National Drake, GTAV, iOS 7 & iPhone 5S/5C Week

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While most of the world was focused on the new Drake album leak, GTAV, Apple’s iOS 7 update and two new iPhone models, soooooo much happened on the low and we’ve compiled the most important of the week’s overlooked events for you. Here are ten things you probably missed during national Drake, GTAV, iOS 7 & iPhone 5S/5C week. Take a look.

Rick Ross & Reebok slithered back into bed together after the “Molly/date r@pe” controversy and U.O.E.N.O.

Boyish-built Miley struggle twerked her way to #1 on the Billboard charts (“Wrecking Ball”). Yes, #1 song in the whole entire United States of America.

McDonald’s blessed the American people with Mighty Wings (that probably shave years off your life). Based on Black Twitter’s tweets our research, they’re shockingly spicy and “delicious.”

Janelle Monae’s critically-acclaimed new album “The Electric Lady” flopped with only 48,000 copies sold first-week. Maybe it’s the Monopoly Man suits or shea buttery weirdo antics. She just didn’t connect.

Keyshia Cole & Boobie had a very public marital spat to the shock of no one aware of Keyshia’s petty hoodrat antics.

The Weeknd’s “Kiss Land” album debuted at #2 on the Billboard charts with 95,000 records sold. Thousands of dudes will paint their boo’s toenails while playing this and never tell anyone.

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    Quite possibly the most hideous pair of Air Jordans ever hit stores. And yes, they’re $220 because why not?

    Yeezy Kardashian declared himself the “No. 1 rock star on the planet” during an interview with BBC Radio 1. Because if he doesn’t always remind us of his greatness, we’d forget.

    The House approved a bill that would cut food stamps by $40 billion. Obama vowed to veto the bill. Stay woke.

    Chris Brown’s 3D dance spectacular “Battle of the Year” flopped horribly with only $5 million. Total. For the whole weekend. Lowest grossing Dance movie EVER? Yep, and it’s not even close.

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