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Cop Who Called Black Teens Jigaboos Denies Knowledge Of Racial Slur

Hasn’t anybody told these racist azz douchebags that the “it wasn’t me” or the “I didn’t know” defense is old and tired?

via NY Daily News

An Arkansas cop who drunkenly flashed his badge and used a racial slur outside a bar won’t get his job back, an Arkansas appeals court ruled.

Little Rock Officer David Edgmon was fired after video of the March 2010 encounter hit YouTube.

“Who’s blowing weed in my face?” Edgmon asks as he confronts a group of men outside of Ernie Biggs Piano Bar.

The men tell him it wasn’t them, but Edgmon persists.

“Get out of my f—ing face,” the cop says. “Get this illegal product, f—ing jigaboo s—t out of my f—ing face.”

Edgmon, who was off duty, knew he was being filmed. He waved to the camera before he showed the men his badge.

The video began its journey across the Internet the next day. The police force fired Edgmon in August 2010, but the Arkansas Civil Service Commission wanted to give him his job back with a 30-day suspension.  The Little Rock cops sued to keep him off the job.

In his defense, Edgmon claimed he didn’t know jigaboo was racially offensive.

Kudos to the Little Rock PD for standing their ground and making sure this fool was off of the police force.



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