Who Looked More Bangin?

- By Bossip Staff

Posted by Bossip Staff

Beyonce and Ashanti both attended the American Music Awards tonight in Los Angeles.

We must ask, Who Looked More Bangin???

More images from that event:

Even more images right about now…

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  • Bee

    First! and Bee wins!

  • milian

    Nicole is beautiful, ashanti looks nice, beyonce looks good, and Mary is…well Mary, she is the queen, the outfit is secondary. Alicia is great no matter what she wears b/c of the talent

    Solange- what the hell are u wearing and how did you get in?

  • Antlive


  • Its Whateva

    The only one with a sane dress is Ashanti. But everyone looks good.

    Beyonce’s ass is off the chain. It look like her body is getting better by the day.

  • lucky meh


  • Its Whateva

    Chris Brown outfit looks retarded.

    But then again who’s doesn’t.

  • William


  • melvin


  • Tippy

    Ashanti, she looked a lot more natural & like a fairy princess. Beyonce looked pretty too though.

  • http://freshfromthestreetz.blogspot.com freshfromthestreetz.blogspot.com

    BEYONCE of course! There is no competition with she and Ashanti. Now compare Christina Milian and Beyonce and thats more a competition.

  • Mya

    Ashanti looked FIERCE!

  • Queenie

    I’mma hafta ride with B on this one. But Ashi looks good though.

  • Shawn

    I go with Ashanti come on now Beyonce’ needs to sit her ass down

  • Kat

    On the dress game alone it’s Beyonce all the way. Something about the front of ashanti’s gown just doesn’t look right. B’s complements her shape more naturally.

  • Natalicious

    I love Queen Latifah but i’m not feeling that dress. Animal print isn’t made for everyone. Chris brown is an idiot for having that on..foolish! Everyone else looks good. Beyonce looked nice THANK GOD she’s not all BEdazzled.

  • Fly Young Lady

    beyonce looks way better 🙂

  • Fly Young Lady

    queen latifah also looked very lovely and her perfomance was great

  • jazzytoomuch

    both dresses are nice but i’ma go wit Ashanti since she looks very comfortable unlike beyonce

  • brahma458

    First of all, what in the blue hell is Solange wearing??? And why is she even at this event? All I can say about B is “Damn! The lord has blessed her with a beautiful azz!” But you also need to include Alicia and Mary into this, none of these sisters looked bad at all. I would try to break all of their backs, fine as they are, lol!

  • Diamond

    Ashanti looks so pretty!

  • DANA

    they both win!!

  • datswassup

    ashanti cuz thas her ass without the magical illusion of beyonce’s “ass” (hips)

  • wtf?

    somethin must have gone really wrong with Beyonce and the Ama’s cause they wont even give her recognition for SHOWING UP to the award show on their official website. they dont have her down for winning any awards either..but i heard she got one..?? they advertised the mess out of her performing there but she didnt at the actual show..

  • bronx_chic

    as much as i hate to admit, i have to go with butt-pads (beyonce) on this one.

    everyone looks…interesting EXCEPT: mary (no, no no), rihanna–girl what was u thinkin?? her tittays stay about to pop out!! akon & will.i.am, but they can’t help the way they were born…

    and chris brown–someone needs to sit down with him and really just…de-BAMMA-fy his ass. he never gets it right.

  • fan

    Nicole is beautiful! I love her. I saw her profile on millionaire dating site WealthyRomance.com last week! Is she single now? Just curious!

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