Splits For Good: Celebrities Who Changed Their Names Back After Divorce

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Celebrities Who Changed Their Names Back After Divorce

It’s so rare for celebrities to change their names since they’re so attached to them. But it happens, and when divorce happens these celebrities have to decide if they want to change their names back or not. These celebrities changed their names then changed them back after divorce.

Jennifer Anniston – She officially changed her last name to Pitt, but it wasn’t really public. She got rid of it after the divorce.

Eva Longoria – She was Eva Longoria-Parker until the divorce.

Rebecca Romijn – She was Rebecca Romijn Stamos while she was married.

Pamela Anderson – While married to Tommy Lee she had his name…as you remember Jay-Z rapping on “Big Pimpin'”

Farah Fawcett – She was married to Lee Majors and had his name…betcha didn’t know that.

Jack White – He took his WIFE’S last name, then they divorced in 2000.

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    Evelyn Lozada – She changed her name to match Chad’s but that didn’t last long at all.

    Courteney Cox – She had the Arquette but changed it back.

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