Race Matters: North Dakota Man Planning Takeover Of Local Town To Create A ‘Whites Only’ Community Excluding Black People

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Racist Group Planning “Whites Only” Community In North Dakota

A racist man living in a small North Dakota town with a population of only 24 people wants to make the already-condensed community a ‘whites only’ town and he’s apparently getting support from his fellow boneheaded homies to move the ridiculous plan forward.

via My Fox 8

A tranquil town in North Dakota could lose its serenity if one man has his way.

Paul Craig Cobb wants to transform Leith, population 24, into a community that mirrors his white [only] views.

This weekend, white supr*mac*sts and others are expected to descend on the town in a show of support for him.

Cobb said he envisions Leith as a place where white nationalist banners will be flown, where white culture would be celebrated, and where minorities would not be welcome.

Cobb said he wants this movement to spread to other communities, other nations, even around the world, though he does not explain how he would do this.

“I don’t understand why all the different other people don’t say ‘whitey’ is pretty darn nice and clever,” Cobb said. “There are many organizations (in) which whites have to support other cultures… Where is the organization of people from around the world that says let’s keep these white people?”

We’ve got a better idea. How about ALL of the racist people of all races that seem to be coming out the woodwork lately be exiled to this barely-populated town and forced to live there together until they come to their senses?

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