Love & Hip Hop: Rasheeda Speaks On The Status Of Her Relationship With Kirk Since Giving Birth To Baby Karter

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Did baby Karter cure daddy Kirk of his dirty-dog ways?

Rasheeda Speaks On Relationship Status With Kirk Since Giving Birth

On season 2 of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta, we watched Kirk and Rasheeda’s marriage go from bad to worse to almost non-existent by the end of the season finale.  But now that they’ve welcomed a new addition to their family and had some time away from the cameras to sort it all out, have things gotten any better?

Rasheeda recently sat down for a quick chat with Mara The Socialite of 4UMF to spill the beans on how things are now.

Check out a few excerpts from the interview below.

On new son baby Karter:
“He’s great, he’s absolutely great! He’s just a handsome little angel. Of course you know the first month – we haven’t reached our first month yet – but yeah, it’s rough. It’s every 3 hours. Doesn’t matter the time. Twelve midnight, three in the morning, six, nine, twelve, it’s no joke.”

On Kirk as a father to baby Karter (after initially demanding that Rasheeda have an abortion):

“He’s actually just amazing to be honest with you. He’s just been a great father, he’s been, you know, allowing me to get my rest as much as possible, and regardless to the fact that you can’t get past the crying that you hear from the baby, but he’s been really, really great.

You know he’s always been a good father regardless of how it looked on television as far as the things he said about ‘I’m tired of raising kids,’ and whatnot, you know. He has four adult children over [age] 18 that he was more so speaking about, but as far as him in Karter’s life, he’s just been 100% just doing his damn thing.”

We have to give props to Rasheeda for still being able to separate her opinion on Kirk as a father now from him as a husband in spite of everything that went down initially. Hit the flip to hear what she had to say about the current status of their marriage, whether or not she thinks reality TV is to blame for their problems, and more.

On whether or not they would have the same problems without reality tv:
“I think so, because we’ve been through so many different things in our relationship. Then you’ve got everybody weighing in and trying to see what’s going on…I’m not saying the same issues, but just different issues within your marriage, you know what I’m saying. And I look at it like it’s relationship problems, it’s marital problems. Some people can’t relate because they haven’t been in a relationship or marriage.

At the end of the day, yeah, it does seem like it could be a reality curse. I’m not 100% saying that happened in my relationship, but I think with it playing out on TV and stuff like that, and you having so many people weighing in on it, sometimes people get persuaded by outsiders. But you’ve just got to follow your heart and do what’s best for you as an individual and as the person living in the relationship.”

On rumors that they faked relationship problems for TV:
“I got pregnant, and Kirk wasn’t happy about it. The sh*t was the real deal. He felt like he felt, and went and did what he did, and that’s him. It wasn’t no ficitious sh*t. I mean, people go through stuff, and the killer part that really be bugging me out is, the reason why people could relate so much is a lot of us been through that type of situation.

We have other sh*t that goes on in our relationship that people may not have seen just for the simple fact that it’s too many damn people on the show, and you don’t have all that camera time to speak to everybody. At the end of the day, we’re real people with real issues, with real problems, and the difference is it played out on TV with cameras in front of us, straight up and down.”

On she and Kirk’s current relationship status:
“I mean you just take it one day at a time, and the main thing is just being parents number one, and then just continuing to grow our friendship, and to try to get back in a place.”

But you just don’t rush things, you just take one day at a time and just keep it moving.”

Hmmmm. So all in all, it sounds like Kirk is on it with his daddy duties but still slacking in the husband department. Or maybe Rasheeda is still not over his disrespectful, dirty-dog ways from earlier this year……which we really couldn’t blame her for if that is the case.

Do you think Kirk and Rasheeda’s marriage will survive?

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