Love & Sammiches: Swirlin’ NY Post Reporter Promised Her White Boo 300 Sandwiches In Exchange For A Ring

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Meet Stephanie Smith, an attractive ‘Page 6’ reporter for the NY post who’s currently on a 300 sandwich journey to swirly matrimony-dom. After being nagged, she broke down and made her boyfriend Eric Schulte a delicious turkey sandwich–so delicious–that he said “Honey, you’re 300 sandwiches away from an engagement ring!” Whether he was joking or dead serious, we don’t know, but she took him seriously and started the blog about her life, swirly relationship with Eric and sammiches.

So far, she’s made 176 sandwiches with 124 more until he puts a ring on it (or not). Read full story here.

Here are the funniest Twitter reactions to swirlin’ Stephanie’s 300 sammich journey. Take a look.

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