18 Latino Celebs Who Take Too Many (Damn) Selfies!

- By Bossip Staff

Ahhh, selfies. We’re all guilty of taking pics of ourselves from time to time, on these extra-rare days when we’re feeling ourselves a little too much. But some of our Latino celebs take it to another level. Check out our list of celebs who compulsively take selfies and look good while doing it…


Runway Recap: Giorgio Armani’s Double Dose Spring 2014 Collection

Attendees got a double dose of Giorgio Armani at his Milan Fashion Week Presentation on Monday. The collection of over 56 pieces was a fluid arrangement of airy pieces.


In Love With Being In Love: Are You Too Focused On Being In A Relationship?

I used to be in love with being in love. There, I said it. I was secretly a helpless romantic in spite of my hard exterior, so sometimes this clouded my vision and altered my decisions. Oddly, when I was not in a relationship or seriously dating, I had my priorities in order. I focused on me, my career, my spirituality, and family and friends; but the minute I thought I had found Mr. Right, my priorities would become all wrong. And not that it makes me feel any better, but I’ve realized that many women go through moments like this.


The 11 Worst Struggle Hairlines In Hip-Hop

The music industry is surely a tough business; especially when it comes to Rap. Your lyrics better be on point, album features are expected to be star studded, the jewels need to bling blaow and the swag should always be pristine. Unfortunately a rapper’s great work in those categories can go out the window if their hairline is struggling.


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