Iggy Azalea Defends Her Skanky Rep: “They Won’t Be Able To Say I Gave Beyoncé Sloppy Toppy To Get On Her Tour”

- By Bossip Staff

Wow, let us find out knob slobbin’ for tour gwap is the new effin’ for tracks!

Via Gigwise:

Iggy Azalea has hit out at critics who have suggested she has been sexually involved with her male counterparts in order to further her career.

The star joins Beyonce on the Australian leg of her Mrs Carter tour later this year, and claims joining the ‘Single Ladies’ star on the road will mean she avoids the sexual slurs she has previously been hit with. Speaking to Gigwise the Australian rapper candidly expressed her frustration at the unfair allegations.

“Obviously I was really excited and happy,” she said, when asked about joining Beyonce on tour. “I kind of felt honestly like, finally someone that [the press] won’t be able to say I had sex with to get it.

“I just feel like everything I do, people are always like ‘She probably had sex with someone to get that… she’s probably s**king that d**k.’ Honestly, I swear to God I’ve never s**ked anyone’s d**k for anything,” the ‘Bounce’ rapper added. “I’ve only ever s**ked d**k for free. I’ve only ever given free BJ’s. I’ve never given a BJ for anything other than I’ve wanted to give that guy a BJ.”

“They won’t be able to say I gave Beyonce a BJ, so, yes! You can’t discredit me for this… she likes me, and she invited me, so, so there. Take that.”

Anybody else think if Iggy would stop constantly talking about giving free slop top and maybe people wouldn’t think she was such a skank???


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