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It’s HOT AIR Brand Clothing people. Already hot on Melrose and in L.A. spots, Bee Nguyen, a L.A. based kid is making it flourish with gear experimenting and fusing new colors as well as patterns to change it up and bring some class back to it.

The kid pictured above is the new breed of hip-hop, Tyga, in a Hot Air jacket. Our people from caught up with Bee and asked him the following…

Persona Magazine: So, where did you grow up?

Bee Nguyen: I grew up in the hood out here in LA….

PM: What were some of your early influences that affect your design style today?

BN: Definitely early skate culture had a big effect on my life. I appreciated a lot of the graphic tee’s that were out at the time, it really affected me and my wardrobe.

PM: What did you do prior to Hot Air, where did you get your start?

BN: I got my start working over at Loud Records after college. After that I discovered my talent for marketing and became director of marketing for (SRC), Steve Rifkind Company, then moved on to work for Nike and helped launch an experimental project for them called the Blu House here in L.A., then started my own brand marketing agency; Grand Tactics (which I still own and operate) then finally got into the apparel game with co-founding Hot Air in ‘07.

PM: So straight out of college you already had a job over there?

BN: Yup, I landed my internship and I’ve never looked back since. I was amazed that I could find work in and around hip hop. I didn’t think that was a possibility when I was in school so any opportunity to work I jumped at it and just worked hard and moved my way up and realized I had a desire to go into business for myself.

PM: Explain what Hot Air is and what it brings to the fashion world?

BN: I believe that Hot Air is a brand that will introduce the global sport of Hot Air Ballooning to the world the same way Nautica did for sailing and Polo for the sport of polo. What we want to do is fill that niche and capture that audience.

PM: What are some of your goals you want to reach in 2009?

BN: Definitely experiment with distribution, to branch out to more countries in Europe and Asia, and get some worldwide recognition! Oh and more money too! Definitely more money! (lol)

PM: What person or thing you feel can best describe your collection?

BN: If I have to choose a person it would be Richard Branson. He seems to enjoy the finer things in life and is savvy both in business and fashion. Our brand supports the lifestyle of those who enjoy the quality of life but not necessarily by breaking the bank in order to do so.

PM: In what direction do you see fashion going in 2009?

BN: I think the whole notion of slim fitting apparel is not going anywhere for a year or two because of the whole retro scene. You have recording artists like the Knux, Cool Kids, Justice and Kid Cudi really dictating fashion trends inspired by the 80’s.

The button-up’s are dope, the t-shirt designs are nuts. Weezy wears the hats and t’s as well as most of underground L.A…
Peep the jackets and attire below.


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