Congratulations: Floyd Mayweather Reveals He’s Taking Miss Jackson To The Chapel… They’re Gonna Get Murried Y’all!!!

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Eventually! A few days ago we posted a Howard Stern interview with Floyd Mayweather where he revealed that despite breakup rumors, he and Shantel Jackson are still engaged.

While discussing his plans to marry Floyd and Howard get pretty raunchy… Here’s the excerpt, in case you missed the original interview.

Yeah we’re still engaged… She’s my better half. I don’t already had enough p***y before I got to her. If God made anything better than p***y I don’t want it.

“We’re not really focused on marriage right now. I’m going to focus on taking her career to that next level. It’s about me being an asset, helping my better half.”

It’s interesting that Floyd would say he’s had enough p***y to be satisfied because one of his baby mamas stays accusing him of hitting a whole harem of women. Let’s have a look of some of the women Floyd has been linked to.

Hit the flip to see ’em.

“The Chosen One” Shantel “Miss Jackson” Mayweather

Paperwork recently revealed she’s already got his last name!

Josie Harris

The mother of three of Floyd’s kids — and one-time battered fianceé, can’t seem to get over him and is usually finding something to get mad at Miss Jackson over.

Money Team Honeys

Floyd sent a special shout out to these five women… Better pics when you flip.

Queen Princess Love

Rumored to be his main thing (with a ring to prove it) she’s got a reported rivalry with Miss Jackson that’s said to be almost as bad as Josie’s. Just more subliminal.

Melissia Rene

Also one of Floyd’s baby mamas, unlike Josie Harris this one is happy to be quiet, post snap shots with celebs and let the world know how pampered her daughter Yaya is.

Bad Medina

Some say Floyd is hittin’ that, others aren’t sure. Medina is the blonde of the bunch who is always around but seems to be getting plenty of attention from elsewhere as well.

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    Jessi Lee

    Based on the many photos of her with Miss Jackson we’re going to go out on a limb and say Floyd ain’t hittin’ that.

    How many of these jawns do you think he smashed tho?


    Remember back when Chilli was hopin’ wishin’ and prayin’ to be Mrs. Mayweather?


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