Don Lemon Responds To Samuel L. Jackson’s Criticism Of Obama Being Soft…”An Angry Black President Would Not Be A Good Look!” [Video]

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Don Lemon: “An Angry Black President Is Not A Good Look!”

Mister Voice of Black Folks, Don Lemon, is sharing his thoughts on Samuel L. Jackson’s views of President Barack Obama. Do you agree with him???

Via Mediaite:

Responding to Samuel L. Jackson‘s criticism that President Obama ought to “stop trying to relate” and be more aggressive and “presidential,” CNN anchor Don Lemon cautioned that an “angry black president” would not be a good look. Speaking with BlackAmericaWeb host Tom Joyner on Thursday afternoon, Lemon rebutted Jackson’s assertion that Obama needs to “get scary” in his second term and stop being a “safe dude” who will not get any credit from the Republican Party.

“No Democratic president, at least in recent memory, gets help from Republicans. Bill Clinton certainly didn’t,” Lemon explained. “Let’s just be honest. Part of the reasons Republicans don’t like the president is because he’s a Democrat. Part of the reason some Republicans — not all — don’t like the president is yes, because he’s black. You know that. I know that. They know that. And the president knows that.”

And so, Lemon concluded, the president “cannot get heated.” No matter how much his supporters might want him to, the CNN anchor said, Obama “cannot be the angry black man.” He then directed a question at award-winning actor Jackson: “Do you really want this man to go down in history as the angry black president?” Joyner agreed, adding, “If he does go down as the angry black president, you won’t have another black president. And that’s for sure.”

Peep the video below and let us know your thoughts….


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