Wait, What? Ghetto Goth Girl Rih-Rih Says She ‘Hates Partying’ And Calls Herself A Bootleg Rockstar

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Maybe this was the kush talking…..

Rihanna Says She Hates Partying

Despite posting endless amounts of candids of herself partying it up in practically every city that she visits, Roc Nation badgal Rihanna says she hates hitting the clubs.

via Showbiz Spy

RIHANNA insists she hates partying.

The singer — who has a reputation for hopping from club to club on a nightly basis — claims she has become tired of the party lifestyle.

“I’m such a bootleg rock star. I do nothing, literally. I’m embarrassed to say that actually,” she said.

“I’ve become a square, I hate partying. I don’t know if it’s because it’s the same music every night … I don’t know. Maybe we need some more DJs.”

Sources previously revealed how Rihanna had been ordered by doctors to curb her partying lifestyle.

Uhhhh, this had to be the kush talking. Granted, getting paid to pop bottles in the club night after night probably does get old at some point, but even outside of the club, she’s still posting pics of herself somewhere getting blazed and slizzard with her crew.

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