True Or False: Did Maliah’s New Boo Slap The Taste Out Of Sean Kingston’s Mouth In A Skrip Club Parking Lot?

- By Bossip Staff

Wait, so Sean Kingston is still stuck off Maliah Michel? We received a tip this morning that was too wild not to share.

Peep it out below:

Sooooo I’m in Miami for business and pleasure and I see my girl Maliah Michels new trick…I can’t stand this ni**a, but he pay what he weigh, but NEwho, he just dropped this video to this song his a** made a long damn time ago and my girl Maliah is butt a** nekid in it. I heard even though he tappin that, she still made his a** pay like 10K for that sh**. But back to the point, why I see Sean Kingston in the parking lot of K.O.D. and this ni**a walks up to TJ boyce aka the new trick and it looks like he tryin to check this dude about something and then all of a sudden TJ open hand slaps the SH** outta his a**! LMAO! my damn phone was dead, so I couldn’t even take a damn pic, but that sh** was hilarious. I mean, WTF, what grown a** man, slaps the next grown a** man, but apparently sean don’t like TJ exploiting his overrated chick…But didn’t shit pop off, entourage and bodyguards got in the way and I couldn’t see a DAMN THANG. But LMAO! Aint nobody got long enough money or d*** to keep Maliah in one spot. Poor Sean, I bet he aint felt an impact like that since his jet ski hit that wall…. just saying

Do you think it’s true?

It certainly could be possible, but we know for sure Maliah wasn’t in Miami.

Hit the flip to see why!

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