SMH: Kanye West Goes Batisht Crazy On Thirsty Paparazzi For Harrassing Him Outside His House At 4 A.M.

- By Bossip Staff

Again Kanye? Well, we actually don’t blame him this time…

Kanye Spazzes Out On The Paparazzi Again

Kanye might actually be justified for spazzing on the paparazzi this time. Who camps out at someone’s home at 4 a.m?

According to TMZ

Kanye West went nuclear again on the paparazzi — but this time Kanye has good reason to be pissed.

Kanye was at his bachelor pad at 4 AM, when several photogs (not TMZ) approached him as he was getting in his car to leave …. and asked about his feud with Jimmy Kimmel.

It appears Kim is also there. Sources say he and Kim were on their way to the airport with the final stop — Paris.

An infuriated Kanye lunges at the photog but it does not appear there is any physical contact.

It looks as if the photogs are very close to Kanye’s driveway — but the photo agency insists they did not trespass.

As you know, Kanye is currently facing charges of battery and attempted grand theft in connection with the LAX attack, where a photog claims Kanye injured him.

TMZ broke the story … Kanye’s reps have advised him to avoid LAX … specifically so there would be no other blow-ups with photogs. View the video here

At least he didn’t do the Hulk Hogan leg drop on them this time.


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