A Lil Positivity: Single Mother Who Gave Birth At Age 13 & Her Son Who Later Dropped Out Of High School Get PhDs Together

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Living proof that nothing is impossible…

Mother Who Gave Birth At 13 Gets PHd At The Same Time As Her Son

A mother-son duo out of Georgia are living examples that perseverance, hard work and never giving up can bring success even in the midst of the most seemingly impossible situations.

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A local mom and her son have achieved great heights in education, but it didn’t come easily. The pair recently earned their PhDs on the very same day, a goal that seemed impossible when their long journey began.

“Never in a thousand, million, trillion years [did I expect to get my PhD]. The thought of becoming a doctor anyone was far fetched,” said Dr. Maurice McBride.

He got his diploma at a ceremony in Minneapolis, MN in August, but the day wasn’t just about his accomplishment. It was about sharing the stage with his mother.

“I never thought I would get chance to see my mother walk across the stage and then she turned around and saw me walk across the stage,” he said.

“At the age of 13 I got pregnant with Maurice,” said Dr. Vickie McBride.”It was shunned upon and of course the older people in the community were whispering.”

But that didn’t stop her or her mother. Vickie stayed in school while her mother, a retired teacher, helped out with Maurice.

She made it to college and graduate school all while raising Maurice and eventually 3 other children.

As if these hardships alone aren’t enough to show how this is truly a story of tribulations to triumph, Maurice had his own struggles to deal with as a high school drop out.

Maurice had his own struggles. At just 16 years old he dropped out of high school.

“[I] started hanging out with some of the wrong people and got into some trouble,” he explained.

After ending up in a juvenile probation facility he knew it was time to turn his life around. He said, “I picked up the bible and I started reading and I was like it all makes sense. I see how it actually comes to fruition. I see how I ended up here.”

He got his GED and then pursued a music career. He signed a record deal with Capital Records, but he never stopped his education. It was something that was instilled in him by his mother and grandmother. “As a recording artist I also attended school online,” said Maurice.

He went on to graduate school, becoming a professor at Paine College and then one day he called his mom.

“I said ‘hey I think I’m gonna get my PhD. You wanna do this with me?’

After talking it over, they decided to do it together. Vickie graduated with her PhD in K-12 Education and Maurice in Organizational Management from Capella University.

“I didn’t let my situation define who I was. I defined my situation. I looked at my situation and I told situation this is where we are going and this is what we are doing,” said Vickie.

A proud day for both a mother and a son.

What a truly inspiring story! Congratulations to Dr. Vickie McBride and her son Dr. Maurice McBride

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