Fighting Over Jordans??: Kid Cudi Tasered and Arrested

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They’re saying Kid Cudi got that ass tasered when he proceeded to get out of hand as a result of people trying to force him to wear Reeboks instead of Jordans for a performance:

Cleveland rapper Kid Cudi was reportedly involved in a fight while attending an NBA All-Star Weekend party in Phoenix this weekend.

While details are sketchy, the rapper is said to have gotten into a verbal altercation with Reebok employees at the shoe company’s All-Star celebration, which then escalated into a physical fight.

Sources say the argument was sparked when Cudi refused to wear Reebok shoes on stage, and instead worn Jordans.

Police were called, and the incident ended with Kid Cudi being tasered when authorities couldn’t control him, and then arrested.

Kid Cudi’s camp was unavailable for comment at press time.

Kid Cudi shouldn’t have acted a donkey, but the Reebok staff can’t be serious.  Even the Insta Pumps stood no chance against a fresh pair of J’s.  Get real.

More pics below.


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    I feel Kid Kudi, we don’t wear Reeboks in Cleveland…lol



  • Marshall's wife

    Second! LOL

  • T

    Air Force lost?

  • whatever

    who is he…

  • Nikkibx

    I feel u, whoever you are, they gots to cut the check for that endorsement. There’s no 2 for 1 deals in this economy.

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  • http://bossip kenny


  • whatever

    WOW!! just watched his video on youtube…day n nite kid gets rowdy because of shoes…HA!! Skinny ties make me

  • http://bossip AK_STAN


  • Mean Gurl


  • ElCapitan

    He got his ass tasered all because he didnt want to wear some reeboks?? what a dumbass

  • Shay


    I feel Kid Kudi, we don’t wear Reeboks in Cleveland…lol


    I don’t know anyone anywhere that still wears Reebox. I couldn’t tell you what a 2008-2009 Reebox released shoe looks like.

    What’s stupid is since it was a Reebox event and he didn’t want to wear the shoes he should have just left. Why stay and argue if he felt so adamant about it.

  • http://Bossip Kimberley

    Charges and tasering sparked over not wanting to wear a pair of shoes… C’mon people!

    How do you explain this to kids?


    Lol @ Shay

    I feel you, I think he was performing or something though. They said he was on stage if so he should be able to wear what he wants unless he has an endorsement with Reebok.

  • MzSliCey

    This story is inaccurate.
    He was never arrested, and the incident did not occur because he wore Jordans. He showed up at the event where he was scheduled to perform in wat he described as “the most fugliest reeboks ever” lol.
    He addresses the whole fiasco on his blog

  • perfect as dusk


  • troof

    no hit wonder, next. smelling himself is why Conseq. checked him

  • blackpride09

    LOL, Kid Capri tried to get gully in Phoenix, Arizona. They racist there my friend, they will taser niggas in a heartbeat. Wasup with all these famous Black dudes? Y’all making me and President Obama look bad

  • http://none just us

    well if you don’t want to wear Reebok’s don’t take their checks.. stupid ass nigga

  • Christy

    and that dooooeess sound like some Slavery shit right there.. peace Kid Cudi!

  • noelle

    m. He think he Ye

  • Wreckless Driver

    Tasered over a pair of sneakers:Way to make us ALL PROUD! Ignorant ass bama.

  • Shonda

    Reebok should just stay away from black people. Get some Latin endorsement. Black people are too “monkey see, monkey do”. Jordan has spit all in the face of the black community and niggas is cracked out on his shoes. They go knockin on Foot Locker door before business hours. If he signed a deal memo, they should sue him so bad that his children will be born into debt.

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