Excuses, Excuses: Reasons These Celebrities Gave For Cheating

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Reasons Celebrities Gave For Cheating

Celebrities cheat. Normal people cheat. But sometimes when celebrities end up cheating, they get asked by the media why they did the dirty .And guess what? They come prepared with a boatload of excuses.

Here are some excuses these celebrities gave for cheating. Were they justified?  

Tiger Woods – He said he had an addiction to the hoo-ha.

Kirk – He basically just said he wanted to explore the world…of groupie drawls.

Eric Benet – He said he had a sex addiction too. But to cheat on Halle though!?

Brad Pitt – He essentially said Aniston was boring in bed. Oh, and also that she wasn’t ready for kids when he was..which led him to Angelina.

Tiki Barber – He said he just loved his new boo way more than his pregnant wife at the time…smh.

Eddie Long – He allegedly likes boys.  That has a huge thing to do with it.

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    Jesse James – He went to Kat Von D because he said Sandra Bullock wasn’t putting out enough.

    Arnold Schwarzenegger – He also said his wife wasn’t giving it up enough so he had a mistress baby momma.

    Ryan Phillippe – He said his marriage to Reese Weatherspoon was a mess before he cheated on her or got back with his ex  (pictured).

    Morgan Freeman – He said he was in an “open relationship” so he could cheat…was that true?

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