TI Calls Will Smith for Help With Teaching Kids on Show Road to Redemption

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Posted by Bossip Staff

TI has his own mentor, Will Smith. Tip calls Will when he has a dilemma on his show and needs advice:

RAPPER T.I. (above), who’s about to go to prison for a year after pleading guilty to federal weapons-possession charges, is leaning on the shoulder of his good friend, squeaky clean Will Smith….… During filming of his new MTV series, “T.I.’s Road to Redemption: 45 Days To Go,” T.I. tried to change his ways and continually called Smith off-camera for advice on “how he could better inspire and motivate the kids he was mentoring,” a spy said. In the new docu-series, T.I. takes seven at-risk kids and tries to lead them to make better choices by placing them in certain situations that might make them want to change their “hustling” ways.

TI needs to be calling Judge Mathis or Ice Cube for help with dealing with these kids, because Will has never been in trouble in his life. It might be hard for the Fresh Prince to relate.


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  • charlieblanko

    At least he calling someone to help him…

    Oh yeah, first hoes!

  • whatever

    Willard Smith is a mentor for Clifford Joseph Harris… HMMM.. that is intresting

  • http://bossip AK_STAN

    Why not Flavor Flav?? He has lots of kids

  • #10 on the Chinese menu w/no MSG

    Will Smith may not be able to relate because he’s never been in trouble, but he can provide guidance on how to be a man and taking care of your responsibility’s.

  • Mean Gurl


  • Mean Gurl

    #10 on the Chinese menu w/no MSG

    SO ON POINT ^5!

  • charlieblanko

    good point #10

  • sarah vaughan

    will smith could get it all day long…(if he were single of course)…. 🙂

  • star

    Will Smith is a good mentor and person to call on because he has never been in trouble and his is extremely successful. The guy on the 1st episode said he wanted to be the next Will Smith, so there you go. He is still from the hood, West Phillie! He knows what goes on there and he also knows what makes for good t.v. T.I. made an excellent choice when looking for Will for guidance.

  • maybe me

    Will Smith should stay really far away from TI so his criminality doesn’t rub off on him as far as I’m concerned.

    Will Smith is a good guy, but everyone at one time also thought OJ was a good guy too.

    I’m just saying…

  • charlieblanko

    don’t ever remember that being said maybe me. OJ was always known as a womanizer, from the time he left his black wife and was known as a rich sell out that didnt really want to associate with black people….comaparing oj to any of those 2 is like apples and oranges.

  • maybe me

    OJ = womanizer

    Will Smith = Scientology

    I see no difference


    Nice look, Gentleman. Thank God. Brothers showing some class for a change.

  • Phenomenal Dee (What in the world is going on?)

    Mr. Harris and Mr. Smith are looking good. LOVE THAT!!! Clifford is soooooooooooo sexy. He wins, with the looks and the suit and tie!

    I hope he is able to rely on Will Smith for guidance. No one can show you the right way better than someone who has been on the right path (for apparently) all his life.

  • always knew

    This is most definitely a GREAT LOOK for T.I….Keep it positive:)!

  • Jay P

    The man is really trying to do right! Will neva get in trouble! He never even plays a bad guy, he always tryin to save somethin

  • @ disco duck

    loud YAWN

  • DDub

    Why would he need to look to someone with a broken past for inspiration he’s got his own history for that.

    What he needs is a perspective of someone who’s avoided trouble and for the most part, has always done the right thing. That’s what Will brings to the table–a fresh perspective.

  • Dshan

    I think that was a good idea on T.I.’s part and Will is NOT a scientologist. He stated he reads about all religions but that doesn’t make you one.

  • jandsmama

    Wait a minute…is Will rockin’ Wave Nouveau? Carol’s Daughter ain’t doing all that glistening and waving. Regardless, TI and Will can get it!

  • hkc88

    Maybe Me, I doubt T.I. can rub off on Will Smith, seeing that he’s been in the game a lot longer. I mean, Will is a grown grown man. If he was putting out songs when Tupac and Biggie were around, and he still didn’t get caught up in that type of stuff, why would he do it now at 40. If anything, T.I. is trying to get knowledge from a man who stayed himself and didn’t front for the game, and changed it all at the same time.

  • http://nawaz_shrf@yahoo.com Robert Charles 504

    Get off WILL SMITH NUTZ how you gonna call on someone who as no knowledge of streetlife what so ever you just want to be in his company because hes RICH,MALE GROUPIE!

  • My Opinion

    I’m sure Will is happy to help anyone in need, but as some of the previous comments suggest, it might be better to get someone the troubled youths can relate to. Will is and always has been a excellent role model.

  • 911grl

    T.I is FINE! He better hope no one thinks that once he goes to JAIL!

  • http://bossip U TOLD HARPO TO BEAT ME

    thats cool i only hope he doesnt make him think that marrying that UGLY ASS Tiny is the final answer !!!! i will just die!!!!!!!!!

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