Iggy Azalea Says Miley Cyrus Jumped On Her TwerkTeam Bandwagon: “She Probably Watched My Videos Online And Decided To Try It”

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Iggy Azalea says the darndest things! The Australian rapper is on the cover of the new Nightlife Issue of Paper Magazine. Inside the issues she discusses how Miley Cyrus bit her whole stage twerk steez…

Peep the quote below:

On Miley ganking her twerk steez:

All of this Internet exposure has created a wave of Azalea admirers and imitators, including twerk-obsessed Miley Cyrus. “I’ve been doing that onstage for two-and-a-half years,” Azalea says of Cyrus’ recent forays into the a$$-grinding dance craze. “She probably fawking watched my videos online and decided to try it.”

In fact, it’s probably Azalea’s twerking that landed her an opening act slot on Beyoncé’s 16-date “Mrs. Carter Show” tour of Australia and New Zealand that kicks off this month. Back in June, Azalea headlined NYC’s Bowery Ballroom, and wowed Queen B’s team, who were in the audience. During Azalea’s ass-happy song “Cheeks,” she challenged her backup dancers to a twerk-off. Of course, every cellphone camera in the room captured the insanity, and the twerk heard ’round the world went viral. “People just wanna see my butt,” Azalea says with a shrug. “We’d been doing that dance-off at the shows, but no one put it online. At the Bowery, they did.”

Are y’all checking for Iggy and her butt? Do you think Miley gets more attention for twerking because of her “Hannah Montana” background. Do you think Iggy is starting beef here on purpose or just telling the truth that she was first when it comes to white chicks twerking for the masses?

She also addresses her relationship to T.I. and her own family:

Azalea’s Bowery showcase also featured a cameo from her mentor, hip-hop juggernaut T.I., who popped up onstage to drop a verse on Azalea’s hit, “Murda Bizness.” Despite leaving T.I.’s imprint label Grand Hustle to go to a major for her debut LP, Azalea says, “T.I.’s family. I’ll always be loyal to him.”

The upcoming Beyoncé Australasia tour gives Azalea the opportunity to show off her explosive batch of new songs (and probably her butt) on her native continent. She grew up in Mullumbimby, a tiny coastal town with a population of 3,000. When she plays Brisbane with Beyoncé, a two-hour drive from her hometown, her Aussie family will be on hand to watch.

“It’ll be weird when my parents are there,” she says. “Not because of the dancing or the sexuality, but because they created me. There will be fans screaming for me, but my parents know the real side of me. The side that’s not cool.”

Hit the flip for what she had to say about ASAP Rocky…

On her growth as an artist:

“Oh, these new songs are about loads of stuff,” she says. “If I wrote these songs at the beginning of my career, they’d be about a$$ cheeks. All the songs. Now only one song’s about a$$ cheeks — out of sixteen. That’s growth right there.”

SMH… That’s growth right there. She’s learned to rap about more than her own butt. Astounding. We should clap for her.

And — on her current relationship with A$AP Rocky:

As the waiter comes by to pick up our plates (sans grilled cheese and pesto), I ask Azalea an innocuous question about her tattoos. I was curious which was the most recent. “I’m not that into tattoos anymore,” she says. “Getting this one crossed out was the last one I did.” She waves the outside of her pinky finger, showing off A$AP with a line inked through it. “We’re still friends, but I don’t have the need to talk to him anymore,” she says.

Friends who don’t need to talk to each other eh. Sounds real friendly. Not.

Do you buy it?

Harper Smith/PaperMag


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