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Bossip: What’s your Name?

Iceis: Iceis

Bossip: Powerful name, Why choose that name?

Iceis: The name was given to me by a close friend I call my big brother and his crew. Originally it was just Ice, I was the only girl in his ciphers so when I would jump in the guys would just like freeze in motion they couldn’t believe a little girl was rhyming I later researched Isis and its origin it intrigued me and I thought it was a good fit the spelling adds my own twist.

Bossip: When did you first start writing?

Iceis: In 6th grade

Bossip: Who inspired you to first start writing?

Iceis : My Environment. , My parents, My uncle was a DJ, and school believe it or not. I was heavily involved in all the arts band, just performing. Yet English was my favorite subjects I’ve always been excited to write essays and winning creative writing contest in school writing has always been therapeutic for me

Bossip: Who inspired you to become a rapper?

Iceis: When my school principal had LL cool J came to Visit my Elementary school I think my From that day it was over I was in love with rap!!

Bossip: You have dope lyrics, How long does it take you to write a song?

Iceis: Depends on the mode the track sets me on. But I could be an hour or so max.

Bossip: What is Iceis going to bring different to the game as an artist?

Iceis: I think my voice is what sets me apart, my tone is pretty distinguished on its own with no bells and whistles. I’m a situations rapper, I address what females ANY age go through. Relationships. Ups n downs. Coming into your own as a woman and the in between spoofs along the way,I rap about what we what we love fashion, Romance, but At same time I can get as gritty as the guys. Without loosing my feminine flair.

Bossip: Who could you see yourself working with?

Iceis: I would love to do another “Ladies night” type track that was a brilliant concept and the timing was perfect!! Female hip hop needs that right now. I’d love to work with Lenny kravitz, Missy Elliot, Jay , Daley, 50 cent and Kendrick Lamar

Bossip: Who is the dopest female rapper of all time to you?

Iceis: That is Super HARD!! I love them all !! especially now. You got all types of moves being made , From everybody!! and this is perfect!! I can’t choose! I will say that Foxy’s delivery is undeniable.

Bossip: What producers would you like to work with and why?

Iceis: Another hard one! DJ Premier, Pharell Williams, Timberland, ,Dr. Dre. Kanye West. My reasons why? Well, Premier is legendary, Timberland is just a beast! Dre touches my soul, Kanye would fuel my ego, And Pharell just makes you “flyee”



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