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News Analyst Says Racism Is To Blame For Republican Opposition To Obamacare

The GOP is trying to bring President Obama down because he’s black?? You don’t say.
via Mediate

On Friday, MSNBC host Ed Schultz insisted that Republicans threatening to pass a budget which defuneds Obamacare, which could possibly result in a government shutdown, is motivated by the fact that President Barack Obama is “other.” Schultz said that the GOP is moved by “hate” and that an “element of serious racism” was clearly evident.

“This is all about one thing: obstructing this president,” Schultz said. “To come to the conclusion and to have a big summary to the American people that this president is not legitimate. He is other. We’re not going to let him succeed.”

Schultz said that the GOP’s opposition is motivated by the fact that there is a “black man in the White House.”

“This is hate,” Schultz asserted. “And now this hate is coming to your doorstep.”

“Here is an element of serious racism here,” he concluded. “This isn’t about the deficit. This isn’t about the budget. This is about power and control, and the wrong guy at the wrong place at the wrong time in their mind.”

We definitely wouldn’t be surprised if this were the case for sure. Do you agree?



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